Deathtura: Division Album Review

Deathtura is a Heavy, Thrash, Groove Metal band from Wallonie, Belgium. The band consist of Bastian Flames – Vocals, Jack – Bass, Jerem – Lead Guitar, Jeff – Guitar and Mickey D. – Drums. When I came across Deathtura at the beginning of 2019, I became a fan pretty much straight away, when I put […]

Toy Called God: Toy Called God Album Review

Toy Called God are a Groove Metal band from Brentwood, California, USA. The band consists of Marcus Lance – Vox, ? – Drums, Damian Lewin – Bass and Patrick Donovan – Guitar. Over the last forty plus years that I have been listening to Rock and Metal, I have come across a lot of genres […]

Global Scum: Hell Is Home Album Review

Global Scum is a Groove Metal, Death Metal band from Zell am Ziller, Tyrol, Austria. The band consists of Manuel Harlander – Vocals, Guitars, Bass and EZ.D. – Drums. When I first heard of Global Scum it was at the end of 2018, when I received, via email, the Hell Is Home album, so I […]