Graveshadow: Ambition’s Price Album Review

Graveshadow are a Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal, Thrash Metal, Doom Metal from Sacramento, California, USA. The band consists of Heather Michele – Vocals, Will Walker – Rhythm Guitars, Aaron Robitsch – Lead Guitars, Roman Anderson – Drums and Ben Armstrong – Bass. When I came across Graveshadow, a few months back, I was wondering what […]

Empress: Reminiscence EP Review

Empress is a Doom and Stoner Metal band from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The band consists of Peter Sacco: Guitars/vox, Brenden Gunn: Bass and Chris Doyle: Drums. These last couple of days, in fact these last few months, I have been listening to a lot of rock and metal music, especially from bands that have […]

Beldam: Pasung EP Review

Beldam are a Doom and Sludge Metal and are from, Seattle, Washington, USA. The band consists of Randall: Vocals, Grahm: Guitars and Cullen: Drums. Now, as I was listening to the Pasung EP, I did a little research on the band, now I could hear the Doom coming through, but when they said that they […]

The Loom Of Time: NihilReich Album Review

The Loom Of Time are from Aberdeen Australia, they are a Black Death Doom Metal band, The band consists of Bradley Delforce, Matthew Ratcliffe and Steven Reid. Over the last year or so, I have noticed that is more really awesome bands that are coming out of Australia, most notably Scorparia, and The loom Of […]