The Flesh: Dweller EP Review

The Flesh are a Black Metal, Death Metal, Hardcore Metal, Hardcore band from Amsterdam, Netherlands. The band consists of Sven – guitar, Jelle – vocals, Jeroen – bass / backing vocals and Tom – drums. When I first heard of The Flesh, it was a few months ago, as I received the Dweller EP via […]

Kormak: Fearenus Album Review

Kormak Fearenus   After never hearing Kormak before, I sat and listened to this folk metal concept album in its entirety. Tantalizing the imagination with whimsical melodic story telling slashed with verses of ravenous screams! Your instantly hit with what I call ‘battle metal’ in the opening track March Of The Demise. This epic (and […]

Global Scum: Hell Is Home Album Review

Global Scum is a Groove Metal, Death Metal band from Zell am Ziller, Tyrol, Austria. The band consists of Manuel Harlander – Vocals, Guitars, Bass and EZ.D. – Drums. When I first heard of Global Scum it was at the end of 2018, when I received, via email, the Hell Is Home album, so I […]

Evilon: Leviathan Album Review

Evilon are a Melodic Folk – Death Metal from Arvika, Sweden. The band consists of Vocals (growl): Joel Sundell, Bass/clean vocals: Björn Wildjärn, Drums: Anders Hagen, Guitar: Kenneth Evstrand and Guitar: Jonny Sjödin. When I first came across Evilon, it was a few months ago, and I have listened to some of the Leviathan album […]

Killing Addiction: Omega Factor Album Review

Killing Addiction is a Death Metal band from Ocala, Florida, USA. The band consists of Chad Bailey (Always in our hearts/RIP) – guitar, Mike Serden – guitar, Chris Wicklein – guitar, Chris York – percussion and Pat Bailey – bass/vocals. I have been into Rock and Metal for most of my life and I do […]

Torture Squad: Far Beyond Existence Album Review

Torture Squad are a Death and Thrash Metal band from São Paulo, Brazil. The band consists of May “Undead” Puertas (Vocals), Rene Simionato (Guitars), Amilcar Christófaro (Drums) and Castor (Bass). Over the last few years, I have come across a good few bands that have hailed out of Brazil, most notably, Sepultura, Soulfly, Cavina, Thunderspell, […]

Necrovorous: Plains Of Decay Album Review

Psychedelic Tribe of DoomNecrovorous are a Death Metal band from Athens, Greece. The band consists of Kostas K. – Vocals, Marios P. – Guitars, Bass and Vangelis F. – Drums. Over the last ten years or so, ever since I came across the all female Greek Black Metal band Astarte, I have been interested in […]