Viqueen: Spill Your Guts Album Review

Viqueen are a Punk band from San Francisco, California, USA, The band consists of Alexa Rae, Courtney Cavanagh and Emma Hyatt. When a good friend of mine, JeffM, first introduced me to Viqueen, back in November of 2018, I was thinking, OK, lets see what they have for me. So when I listened to Viqueen […]

Swamphammer: Landanum Album Review

Swamphammer are a Swamp Rock band from San Mateo, California, USA. The band consists of TBA very soon – Vocals, Stephen Lynch – Guitar, Jimmy Arceneaux – Guitar, Laura Scott – Bass and Cody Antill – Drums. So, when Swamphammer sent me their Landanum album through, I was thinking, Oh, OK, I know these guys. […]

Toy Called God: Toy Called God Album Review

Toy Called God are a Groove Metal band from Brentwood, California, USA. The band consists of Marcus Lance – Vox, ? – Drums, Damian Lewin – Bass and Patrick Donovan – Guitar. Over the last forty plus years that I have been listening to Rock and Metal, I have come across a lot of genres […]

Graveshadow: Ambition’s Price Album Review

Graveshadow are a Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal, Thrash Metal, Doom Metal from Sacramento, California, USA. The band consists of Heather Michele – Vocals, Will Walker – Rhythm Guitars, Aaron Robitsch – Lead Guitars, Roman Anderson – Drums and Ben Armstrong – Bass. When I came across Graveshadow, a few months back, I was wondering what […]

Idlewar: Rite Album Review

Idlwar are a Hard Rock band from Orange County, California, USA. The band consists of James Blake – Bass and Vocals, Rick Graham – Guitar and Pete Pagonis – Drums. When Rite was released in 2017, at the time I didn’t get it, as I was super busy developing the Across The Pond radio show. […]

Black Sunday Dream: Music Review

Black Sunday Dream are a Hard Rock and Metal band from San Lorenzo, California, USA. The band consists of Brian George (guitar), Donald Hillier (Vocals), Terrence Allen (Bass) and Dennis Galway (Drums). When I heard of Black Sunday Dream, it was a few weeks ago, was when they sent me their music through. As I […]

Ripped To Shreds: Mai-zang Album Review

Ripped To Shreds is a Death Metal band from San Jose, California, USA. The band consists of Andrew Lee who plays everything in the band. In the last year or so, I have been listening to several radio shows and podcasts, and they have played some amazing bands that have come out of California, such […]