Jupiter Zeus: Eyes On the Prize EP Review

Jupiter Zeus are an Alternative Metal band from Perth, Australia, The band consists of Simon Staltari – Vocals, Guitar, Aaron Smith – Drums, Jeremy Graham – Bass and Michael Lawson – Lead Guitar. Now, when it comes to Australia, I have been fascinated with the country’s music for decades, ever since the early eighties. Over […]

Mattersphere: Mattersphere Album Review

Mattersphere are a Metal and Hard Rock band from Canberra, Australia. The band consists of Lead vocals: Eddie Deakin, Lead guitar: Rob Catanzariti, Rhythm guitar: Brendan Blundell, Bass guitar: Doug Curry and Drums: Mitch Fielding. When I first heard of Mattersphere a couple of months ago, it was through a good friend and PMM’s Hall […]

Decryptus: The Necrotic Design EP Review

When Decryptus Messaged Project Metal Music on Twitter, and I thought that this message was going to be yet another automated response to me following them, but when I replied and responded, I thought Thank fuck for that, there is a real person here and not a bot. So we struck up a conversation, and […]