Project Metal Across The Pond (November 1st 2018)

On this week’s episode of Project Metal Across The Pond With Ell Yong, I will be playing Bexley, Rainfall Today, Bastian, Saker Costa, Bloodstrike, Banana Blonde, Arisen From Nothing, Decatur, Dark Waters End, Echotime, Francis, Freight Train, Global Scum, Heart Of Jordan, Karl Granneman, MaterDea, Monsterworks, Nomera, On Top, Profane Burial, Runescarred, Scottish Widows, Social […]

Bastian: Grimorio Album Review

Bastian are a Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy band based out of Sicily, Italy. The band consists of the main guy Sebastiano Conti – guitars and compositor, and musicians that appeared on the Bastian albums: Michael Vescera – singer, Mark Boals – singer, Apollo Papathanasio – singer, Nicklas Sonne – singer, Vinny Appice – drum, […]

Ground: I Album Review

Ground are a Sludge Metal duo from Barcelona, Spain. The band consists of Marcos – Guitar and Isaac – Drums. Over this last year or so, I have have seen a insurgence from bands coming from Spain, especially from the Barcelona area. Ground is in good company, as there are other good bands from the […]

Project Metal Across The Pond (October 25th 2018)

On this week’s episode of Project Metal Across The Pond With Ell Yong, I will be playing: Greymane, A Tear Beyond, Arctic Circle, Black Road, Bloodstrike, Carbon Black, Oh., Dark Avenger, Dirty Magic, Drive The Day, Flames At Sunrise, Foaming At The Mouth, A Tortured Soul, After Forever, Inkubus Sukkubus, Jon Anderson, Kamelot, Killing Joke, […]

Torture Squad: Far Beyond Existence Album Review

Torture Squad are a Death and Thrash Metal band from São Paulo, Brazil. The band consists of May “Undead” Puertas (Vocals), Rene Simionato (Guitars), Amilcar Christófaro (Drums) and Castor (Bass). Over the last few years, I have come across a good few bands that have hailed out of Brazil, most notably, Sepultura, Soulfly, Cavina, Thunderspell, […]