Project Metal Across The Pond (April 4th 2019)

On this week’s episode of Project Metal Across The Pond With Ell Yong, I will be playing Rusty Nails, SAATE, Nefresh, Northern Crown, Scarlet Aura, Mongol, King Ring Nancy, Global Scum, Idlewar, Headcrusher, FUBAR, Freight Train, Flames At Sunrise, Fate In Crisis, Echotime, DeathAwaits, Cold Colours, and Butcher Babies. If I have time I will […]

Scarlet Aura: Hot’n’Heavy Album Review

Scarlet Aura are a Heavy Metal band from Bucharest, Romania. The band consists of Aura Danciulescu – Lead Vocals, Mihai Thor Danciulescu – Lead Guitars and Vocals, Rene Nistor – Bass Guitar and Sorin Ristea – Drums. As far back as I can remember, I have always liked women in Rock and Metal, as women, […]

March In Arms: Self Titled Album Review

This is some seriously well organized metal! Crisp and neat. The clarity in the production would do the Virgin Mary proud! The dynamics alone are so perfectly timed and polished that I wanted to grab it and shake the shit out of it! Strong song titles to match strong melodic, ear piercing metal riffs. Not […]

Swamphammer: Swamphammer EP Review

Swamphammer are a Swamp Rock from San Mateo, CA, USA. The Band consists of Sean Frazier – Vocals, Stephen Lynch – Guitar, Marc Marchetti – Guitar, Laura Scott – Bass and ? – Drums. I have been listening to a lot of music from unsigned and indie bands, and most of them have been brilliant […]

Project Metal Across The Pond (March 28th 2019)

On this week’s episode of Project Metal Across The Pond With Ell Yong, I will be playing Arisen From Nothing, Awake The Demons, S.R.L., Toy Called God, Valdur, Unshine, Tombstalker, Electric Revolution, Enon Chapel, AstorVoltaires, BlackOut, Boyce, Concrete Eden, Days To Come, Dust Prophet, House Of None, Imperial Jade, Kingdom In Kaos, Little Red Kings, […]

Alphastate: The Grind Album Review

Alphastate are a Metal, Modern Metal band from Athens, Greece. The band consists of Vocals – Manos Xanthakis, Guitars – Pete Breaker, Bass – TBA and Drums – Fivos Andriopoulos. When I got The Grind album through from Alphastate, and put the album on to see what they were like, my initial thoughts were really […]