Dusius: Memory Of A Man Album Review

Dusius is a Viking Folk Metal band from Parma, Italy. The band consists of Rocco: songwriter, guitar, choralist, High: songwriter, lead vocalist, Paso: songwriter, bass, backing vocalist, Alle “il malvagio”: songwriter, keyboards, Kra: songwriter, guitar, Fab: songwriter, drums and Davide:songwriter, flutes, bagpipe, hurdy-gurdy. Well, Italy has done it again, they have produced another brilliant band, […]

Butcher Babies: Lilith Album Review

Butcher Babies are a Metal band from Los Angeles, USA. The band consists of Heidi Shepherd- VOX, Carla Harvey- VOX, Henry Flury- GUITAR, Jason Klein- BASS, Chase Brickenden- DRUMS. Ever since I came across the Butcher Babies back in 2014, I thought who are these, so I did a little bit of research on them, […]

Project Metal Across The Pond

On this weeks Project Metal Across The Pond with Ell Yong, I’ll be playing, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Atonement Theory, Dbury, Next Bullet, Led Zeppelin, The Black Heart Gospel, Leo & Stine Marocchioli, Kalopsia, NOSTOC, Butcher Babies, AC/DC, Crimson Tide, Dean James & The Black Dogs, PussyWillowFurryVenus, Spiderbait, Sepultura, Cavina, Calligram, Powerwolf and Rainbow (RJD […]