Fallen Fields: One Album Review

Fallen Fields are a Rock and Metal band from Kingston Upon Hull, UK. The band consists of Mr Howlett – Guitar & Vocals, Mr Silburn – Bass and Mr Shepley – Drums. For a number of years I had fallen out of love with the Rock and Metal music, that was coming out of the […]

Hangarvain: Roots And Returns EP Review

Hangarvain are a Rock, Southern Rock, Alternative Metal, Post Grunge band from Naples, Italy. The band consists of Sergio Toledo Mosca- lead vocals, Alessandro Liccardo- guitar and backing vocals, Francesco Sacco – bass and Mirkko De Maio – drums. In the last year or so, I have come across a good few bands that hail […]

Bastian: Grimorio Album Review

Bastian are a Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy band based out of Sicily, Italy. The band consists of the main guy Sebastiano Conti – guitars and compositor, and musicians that appeared on the Bastian albums: Michael Vescera – singer, Mark Boals – singer, Apollo Papathanasio – singer, Nicklas Sonne – singer, Vinny Appice – drum, […]

Barros: More Humanity Please Album Review

Barros are a Rock band from Portugal. The band consists of Paulo Barros – Guitar, Rey Van D – Vocals, Pico Moreira – Drums and Vera Sá – Bass. When I first heard of Barros, it was about four weeks back, when they were played on the radio show The Rock Casserole. Several days later, […]

Avida Dollars: Catarsis EP Review

Avida Dollars are a Rock band from Barcelona, Spain. The band consists of Pablo Franco (Guitarra y voz), David Camilleri (Guitarra), Xavi Camilleri (Bajo y berridos) and Monchu López (Batería). Over the last few weeks, I have been getting a good few bands from Spain, primarily from Barcelona sending me their music, and from what […]

Crossing Eternity: The Rising World Album Review

Crossing Eternity are a Rock and Metal band from Bucharest, Romania, Linköping, Sweden and Germany. The band consists of Berti Barbera – vocal/percussion intruments, Manu Savu – Guitar, Uffe Tilman – Drums, and Johann Hentz – Bass. Over the years, since I started listening to Rock and Metal, I have come to like a lot […]

Black Space Riders: Amoretum Vol. 2 Album Review

Black Space Riders are a New Wave of Heavy Psychedelic Spacerock, they are from Muenster, Germany. The band consists of JE (VOX, Guitars), SLI (Guitars), SAQ (Bass), CRIP (Drums) and SEB (VOX). When I came across Black Space Riders, they sent me through the album Amoretum Vol. 1 to review possibly play on my radio […]

Fire Glass: Four Song Review

Fire Glass are a Rock and Metal band from Tucson, Arizona, USA. the band consists of Andrew (Vice)-Vocals, Daniel(Break)-Vocals, Matt Mier – Bass, CJ (Slade) Glenn – Guitar and Gabriel (Havoc) Jimenez – Drums. When I got four songs from Fire Glass, I was OK, What have you got in store for me?, and when […]

Courtesans And Death Blooms: Song Review

Courtesans are a Doom, Rock, Metal and Triphop band from London, UK. The band consists of Sinead Bales – Vocals, Saffire Sanchez – Guitar, Agnes D. Jones – Bass and Vikki Brown – Drums. Death Blooms are a Metal band from Liverpool and Manchester, UK. the band consists of Ad Lucas, Giz, Mel Stewart and […]