Filthy Rebel / Gunpowder Gray in Atlanta, GA

March 4, 2017 – Atlanta, GA – The Highlander Late Saturday night, Atlanta, after work. I can finally make it to a gig again. Of course, as usual, I missed the first band, Sara and the Safe Word (damn Atlanta traffic). Seems they just played a half hour and apparently I really didn’t miss anything. […]

The Suspect Device Gig Review

Ever since I heard of The Suspect Device a good few months back, I wanted to go see them, and I did back in June of this year at The Wheatsheaf, Roker, Sunderland, just to see what they were like, and what I saw and heard there, sparked my interest in the band. Last week […]

Boetto: Music Review

Over the last 8 month, I have been listening to a lot of music on various platforms, such as Soundcloud, Dropbox, Bandcamp, ReverbNation and others. As I was on ReverbNation, I came across Boetto, so I started to listen to Boetto, they are a Rock/Hard Rock/Punk band from La Quinta, CA in the USA, so […]

Waste Of Space & Fleckt Pets: Gig Review

For the last couple of weeks, when I found out that Waste Of Space were doing a gig at Pop Recs Ltd in Sunderland, UK. So when the day arrived and made my way down to the venue, OK, the venue is very intimate, but that doesn’t detract from putting some really cool bands on, […]

Lava Frog: E.P. Launch and Gig Review

When I found out about Lava Frog was going to release an E.P. a month or so ago from Shaun Tate, I thought “Hell Yeah” and they were going to do a launch party up at the O2 Academy in Newcastle, but at the time I was wondering if I was going to go. Prior […]