Siksided: Leave No Stone Unturned Album Review

Siksided are an Alternative Metal, Metal, Grunge band from Trieste, Italy. The band consists of Delano – Guitar, Paolo – Drums, Jeff – Guitar, Wolly – Bass and Xander – Voice. When I got Siksided’s Leave No Stone Unturned album through the other month, I put it on just to get my initial thoughts of […]

Alphastate: The Grind Album Review

Alphastate are a Metal, Modern Metal band from Athens, Greece. The band consists of Vocals – Manos Xanthakis, Guitars – Pete Breaker, Bass – TBA and Drums – Fivos Andriopoulos. When I got The Grind album through from Alphastate, and put the album on to see what they were like, my initial thoughts were really […]

Trollwar: Oath Of The Storm Album Review

Trollwar are a Blackened Melodic Folk Metal band from Alma, Québec, Canada. The band consists of Steeve JF : Guitar, Mathieu Chauvette : Guitar, Keven Villeneuve : Bass, Yanick Tremblay : Drum, Simon-Pierre Fortin Leclerc : Vocal and Jonathan Mathieu: Accordion. Over the last few years there has been a lot of musicains and bands […]

Adder’s Fork: Individualist EP Review

Adder’s Folk are a Metal, Rock, Post-Punk band from Niederösterreich, Austria. the band consists of Marko Köfler – Vocals & Lyrics, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Programming. When I got the Individualist EP from Adder’s Fork through, and put it on I was thinking, What is this? As I listen closely to it, I immediately thought, OK […]

Cavina: Howls Of Mind Album Review

Cavina are a Hard Rock / Metal band based in London, England. The band consists of Eduardo Cavina – Vocals/Bass,, Matteus Cavina – Guitar/Backing Vocals and Javier Sanchez – Drums. Over the last three years, I have been following Cavina, and in that time, I have become really good friends with Matteus. When Matteus contacted […]

Scalefighter: Music Review

Scalefighter are a Hard Rock and Metal band from British Columbia, Canada. The band consists of Craig Passant, Scotty Gamble, and Robin Lei Tietz. In the last few years, I have listened to a lot of music that has come out of Canada, and that music has been brilliant, and some of the bands that […]

Volcana: Goddess Of Flame Album Review

Volcana is a Void Ripping Dust Devil Metal band from the USA. The band consists of Vic Stown: Vocals/Riffs, Jeff Potts: Lead Riffs and Glen Monturi: Thunder Riffs/Bone Shatterer. In the last few years, the USA have produced some really good Rock and Metal bands, and I have come to like the music and bands […]

Wolfen Reloaded: Changing Time Album Review

Wolfen Reloaded are a Melodic Progressive Hard Rock / Metal band from Traunstein, Germany. The band consists of Christian Freimoser – Vocals, Wolfgang Forstner – Guitars, Thomas Rackl – Bass and Manuel Wimmer – Drums. When I first heard of Wolfen Reloaded, it was when their record label Volcano Records sent me the album. As […]