Astray Valley: Unneth Album Review

Astray Valley are a Modern Metal band from Barcelona, Spain. The band consists of Clau Violette: Vocals/Screams, Joan Aneris: Guitar, Àdri Funérailles: Guitar, Jorge Romero: Bass and Unai Splinters: Drums. Over the last year or so, I have noticed that there are several bands from Spain that are starting to make waves within the Rock […]

Mattersphere: Mattersphere Album Review

Mattersphere are a Metal and Hard Rock band from Canberra, Australia. The band consists of Lead vocals: Eddie Deakin, Lead guitar: Rob Catanzariti, Rhythm guitar: Brendan Blundell, Bass guitar: Doug Curry and Drums: Mitch Fielding. When I first heard of Mattersphere a couple of months ago, it was through a good friend and PMM’s Hall […]

Era Capricorn: I Wander Alone Album Review

Era Capricorn are a Metal band from Essen, Germany. The band consists of Alex – Guitars / Bass / composition / Artwork and Marina – Keys / Synths / Band-Font / Artwork / Logo. Over the last good few years, I noticed that there is a lot of bands coming out of Germany. the most […]

Nomera: Holos EP Review

Nomera are a Metal Instrumental band from Valencia, Spain. The band consists of David Hernández (bateria), Aleksey Stepanov “John Base” (bajo), Vicente Roca (guitarra) and Jose Jurado (guitarra). When David the drum of Nomera contacted me via email to see if I was interested in doing a review for their Holos EP, I said OK, […]

Crossing Eternity: The Rising World Album Review

Crossing Eternity are a Rock and Metal band from Bucharest, Romania, Linköping, Sweden and Germany. The band consists of Berti Barbera – vocal/percussion intruments, Manu Savu – Guitar, Uffe Tilman – Drums, and Johann Hentz – Bass. Over the years, since I started listening to Rock and Metal, I have come to like a lot […]

Tantal: Ruin Album Review

Tantal are a Metal, Gothic, Progressive, Modern, Dark band from Moscow, Russia. The band consists of Sofia Raykova – vocals, Dmitry Ignatiev – guitars/keys, Ivan Izotov – bass and Srgey Serebrennikov – drums. Over the last few years, I have come across some really good bands that have come out of Russia, with such bands […]