Three Left: Music Review

Three Left are an Independent Metal and Hard Rock band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The band consists of Chadwick Davis – Vocals, Rich Czebotar – Guitar, Dan Beall – Guitar, Ron Hardcastle – Bass and John Miller – Drums. Over the last couple of months, since I received four tracks from Three Left, I have […]

Mistheria: Gemini Album Review

Mistheria is a Metal, Classical and New Age band from L’Aquila, Italy. The band consists of Mistheria (one man band). and guests. Over the years that I have been listening to music, I have come to appreciate a lot of it. When I first heard Rock and Metal doing classical music back in the day […]

Insect To Monarch: Song Review

Insect To Monarch are a Acoustical Metal Classical Progressive Punk band. The Band consists of Vocals- Michael Montoya, Guitar- Matt Hinson, Guitar/Vocals- Chris Raines, Drums- Lucas Long and Bass- Matt Thomas. Over the last few weeks I have been sent five bands from Jenny and P7 Entertainment and one of those bands is Insect To […]

Blood Of The Dragon: A Tribute To Therion, Album Review

Therion are a Metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. The band consists of Christofer Johnsson, Thomas Vikström, Lori Lewis, Sami Karppinen, Nalle Påhlsson, Christian Vidal. With current collaborators: Linnea Vikstrom and Chiara Malvestiti. When I first heard of Therion, it was back in (circa) 2006. I didn’t really pay much attention to them until circa 2015, […]

Fire Glass: Four Song Review

Fire Glass are a Rock and Metal band from Tucson, Arizona, USA. the band consists of Andrew (Vice)-Vocals, Daniel(Break)-Vocals, Matt Mier – Bass, CJ (Slade) Glenn – Guitar and Gabriel (Havoc) Jimenez – Drums. When I got four songs from Fire Glass, I was OK, What have you got in store for me?, and when […]

Dawn Vally: Song Review

Dawn Vally is a Metal band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The band consists of Vocalist- Sycrote, Bassist- Jeff, Drummer- Joe Nail and Guitarist- Rhys. When Dawn Vally sent me two songs through the other day, I was OK, what you got to offer. So I played the songs and I found that these guys were […]

Losing September: Two Song Review

Losing September are a Hard Rock Metal band from Muncie, Indiana, USA. The band consists of Bruce Fane – Vocals / Guitar, Nick Foreman – Guitar, David Lowe – Bass, Nick Figley – Percussion and Ben Bauman – Drums. Recently, Losing September sent me two songs called Crossroads and Idiot for submission to play on […]