An Interview With… Burial Hill

Over the last few weeks Myself and Burial Hill have been talking via email, and we discussed doing an interview, but it had to go on the back burner for a while because they were doing a few things, ie traveling, doing a video shoot etc. When they emailed me to say they had some […]

The Raygun Girls: Rising Dawn Album Review

I have been listening to The Raygun Girls for a few months now, and when they said that they have been working on a new material for an album, I was thinking “Oh cool, and I can’t wait for this to come out”. When I received an email through the other day from their manager, […]

Verde: Music Review

When a band follows me on Twitter, if I don’t know them or if I do know them but I don’t know them that well, I will go and check them out. When Verde, a band from New York, USA, who are a Metal/Alternative Metal band, followed me Twitter I was thinking “I haven’t heard […]

Dream Aria: 3 Album Review

The first time that I came across Dream Aria was back in 2011, I was on Myspace at the time, and when i started to listen to them, I was thinking that these are pretty good, Dream Aria have a wide range of styles that pretty much everyone will enjoy listening to. In the Wake […]

Forever Still Gig Review

When Robert said to me “Oh Newcastle close to you, isn’t it” and I said “Yeah its the next city north of me” and I pretty much said “whats happening Newcastle”and when he mentioned that Forever Still was playing Newcastle on the 6th of April, and thought I know that band and from what I […]