Pressure – In A Dark Heart We Trust Album Review

Pressure are a metal band from Sweden. The band comprises of Simon Forsell, Olof Jönsson, Emil Salling and Olli Violet.

Over the last year or so, I have been following Pressure and I sorta got to know the band somewhat after interviewing the band a couple of times over on Project Metal Music’s YouTube channel. When I first came across Pressure back in January of 2021 and they were a three piece, and over the course of 2021, they added Olli Violet as another singer and counter balance to Olof and she brings something to the band, a balance and really fleshes the sound of the band out.

On In A Dark Heart We Trust, there are 14 tracks on it, and all of the tracks are brilliant. Up first is Pressure I already done a review for the song as it was released as a single back in November of 2021, click Here to read it.

The next track is, Is This Who You Are, I really like this song as it showcases the dynamic between Olof and Olli singing, as they work really well together on this song, coupled that with music – to me has that slight 80’s vibe – sounds brilliant. I could listen to this song all day and it has been added to my personal playlist.

Up next is the song Behind Closed Doors. I like Olof’s raspy vocals and Olli’s clean vocals on this song. The lyrics have that dark tone to them as deals with what happens Behind Closed Doors. Olof is telling from the man perspective and Olli from the woman’s. The music on this track is heavier especially on the guitars. The bass is good as well.

Get A Real Job is next. Music wise I love this song, as it has that hard rock vibe to it and it has a live vibe to it. The drums on this are brilliant, as they really drive the song along and Olli vocals really stands on this. Angel Of Lightning is next and this song is another stand out song, all because of Olli’s vocals are more powerful. I also love the guitars and the drums as they are fast paced, and overall the song has again an 80’s vibe.

Next is Hunter Or Prey. on this song I love the back and forth between Olof and Olli with their vocals, they have great chemistry on this song. I also like the slap bass on this song as well.

The next four songs I have already done reviews for. For Barb Wire Love and Just Undress click Here. For Madecine (One Shot Of Love) click Here. And for Am I Too Old click Here.

Did You Really Know My Name is next. This song is a ballad, again Olli and Olof really knock the vocals out of the park, the music is on point. This song is not my cup of tea, but its still a good song. No More Promises To Break is next. On this song I love the guitars and drums on this, as they are heavy and fast paced which I like, the vocals from Olof are excellent as his vocal style really suits the fast paced style of the music that the band is going for.

Air Of Freedom is up next. Love the opening of this track as Ollie starts the song off singing before the music kicks in, and when the rest of the band comes in, its heavy, and I like it. Olof comes in singing and he is a brilliant counterpoint to Olli’s singing style. I highly recommend you listen to his song.

The last song and title track is In A Dark Heart We Trust, and is the longest song on the album, coming in at 10 min 36 sec. This song is a brilliant recap of the album, as this track goes through what these two characters that are depicted on this album have gone through and are having a break up. This music is spot on for the topic that is in the lyrics.

Overall I totally love In A Dark Heart We Trust album, I love the music, the vocals and the story telling on this album, AND yes Pressure are awesome story tellers. I would highly Recommend that you go check out Pressure on their Facebook page (click Here), you will not be disappointed.

I would give Pressure and their album In A Dark Heart We Trust a 5 out of 5 for a totally superb album

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