Filthy Filthy at The Black Bull Gateshead UK

A couple of weeks ago a good friend of mine Mat Howlett messaged me on Facebook, about a band that he wanted me to check out, and that band was Filthy Filthy. So he said that he sent a couple of the tracks over for me to listen to and possibly play on Project Metal Across The Pond radio show. I got them and played them, they were Listen To The Radio, My Babys Got The Shakes and Weekend.

As I listened to them I really liked all three songs that Mat sent me, so I decided to play them on the show. Whilst I was listening to them Mat messaged me again that if you like the songs, you should talk to Graham from the band, and I did. Myself and Graham talked, and I introduced myself and what I do with Project Metal Music, and what I do with the radio show and with YouTube, so asked if it was possible that I could set up an interview with the band, and he agreed, the interview will be broadcasted on PMM’s YouTube channel on February 5th 2002 at 9pm UK time.

As we spoke he noticed the profile picture on my FB page of me and the band Rebel Troubadour standing outside the Black Bull in Gateshead UK. and he said that they are playing the venue on January 16th 2022. So thought sweet, and I said to Graham, I’ll be there.

As the day came, I was getting some what nervous, like I normally do just before I go to a gig, especially with bands I don’t know. My thinking is are the bands any good, are they friendly if talked them etc. Anyways all that was squashed, when I walked into the room where the gig was held and Graham up to me and my nephew, and he is such a cool guy, he introduced us to the rest of the Filthy Filthy band.

So, the bands that were playing at The Black Bull
Filthy Filthy (main band)
Suburban Toys (support)
UK Dissent (support)

First band
UK Dissent. Now I have heard of this band before I got to the gig, as I have seen them gigging in and around the north east of England, but I didn’t get the chance to see them, because of scheduling, but I was glad I got to see them at the Black Bull.

When they started there set, I was OK, I heard some good things about this band, in that they put on a good show, and I wasn’t disappointed. They played for about 30 minutes, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I would like to see this band again in the near future, and I would recommend anyone to go and see the band.

UK Dissent Facebook Page

Second Band
Suburban Toys. This band I never heard of before, so I wondered what the band was like. their set start and there was some tech issues at the start, but they were quickly sorted out, and when they resumed the set, I was pleasantly surprised at how good this was live. they had good stage presence and good interaction with the crowd. when they finished their set the singer said, if you liked what you saw and heard, over there, there is a merch table. So when they came off stage I went over and bought their CD album. Their playing was really good and I would like to see this band again when they come back to the north east of England.

Suburban Toys Facebook page

On Friday January 21st 2022 I will be interview Suburban Toys on Project Metal Music’s YouTube channel

Third Band
Filthy Filthy. After talking to Graham for a good few days and listening to the album, I was really looking forward to the band, so I went down to the front of the stage and got myself prepare to get my face melted off. As they started their set off and from the get go, they didn’t disappoint, the came out and took no prisoners. The energy that the band brought to the show was never ending, the antics between the four of them were good as they sorta play fought on the stage. and Graham jumped off the stage and ran around a couple of times, even going to the back of the room, stood on a chair and someone feed him a drink whilst still playing the guitar. The bass player was rocking out so much that his hat flew off. The guitarist was jumping about having way to much fun. Overall I would highly, HIGHLY recommend that you go and check the band on their Facebook page. and I would see them again.

On Saturday February 5th I will be interviewing the band on Project Metal Music’s YouTube channel

Filthy Filthy Facebook Page

Overall I had a brilliant time at the Black Bull, seeing all three bands, and I will see all of them again

Project Metal Music

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