Pressure: Am I Too Old Song Review

Simon Forsell – Guitars, drums, backing vocals, Olof Jönsson – Lead vocals, Emil Salling – Guitar, Olli Violet – Vocals, Ignacio Arrúa – Bass, and they are from Sweden.

Over the 10 months or so, I have been following the band Pressure. I was recommended the band by a good friend of mine, Sam Bone. So when Sam messaged me on Facebook the other day, saying that Pressure has recorded a new song called Am I Too Old, and I was thinking “OK, what do we have here? this should be good” as I have liked their other songs, such as What You See.

As I started to listen to Am I Too Old, the first thing that struck me was, that this song is more Melodic than the previous songs that I have listened to, but this is more haunting, as this song deals with the subject matter of self doubt. The song itself is brilliant and the addition of Olli Violet as a second singer is a stroke of genius on the part of Pressure, as she brings a touch of class to the band. Her vocals on this track is brilliant, as they a perfect counter to Olof’s slightly harsher vocals.

Pressure is a brilliant band, and they have created a brilliant song in Am I Too Old, I love the guitars, bass and drums on this, and what makes it even better is the dual aspect of both singers, and the only word that I can come with is Superb! The song Am I too Old come out on October 15th 2021.

I would highly recommend that you go check Pressure out on their Facebook page, as they are a amazing band.

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