Rebel Troubadour At The Black Bull Gateshead UK

When I first heard that Rebel Troubadour was playing at The Black Bull in Gateshead UK, back at the beginning of September, I was thinking I wanted to go to the gig, but I was in two minds, and thankfully I decided I I went to see them, as this was my first in 21 months that I was at a gig seeing live bands.

As usual – like every gig I go to – I got to The Black Bull early. The place is a 2 minute walk from the main Gateshead bus and Metro station, and it is ideally located if you wanted to go and see live bands and if you don’t want to take your car, you can have a drink, as like I said its not far from public transport to get you home. When I eventually went into The Black Bull, the staff there are very friendly and brilliant. The room where the were playing was small, but you have the sense of intimacy where you can enjoy the bands and not be climbing over everyone just see the bands. As I was in the room where the bands were, I could smell food being made and as I was looking around I saw the staff coming and going the kitchen, so at some point in the future, if I go and see another band there and no doubt I will – as The Black Bull is now on my radar for gigs – I might have some food there before the gig.

Right back to the bands, there were four bands playing at The Black Bull, and they were The Sadistic Slobs, The Only Alternative, Spaff and Rebel Troubadour.

Robert – Rebel Troubadour
Tony – Rebel Troubadour
Vince – Rebel Troubadour

As I was waiting outside the room, I heard some of the bands doing the final sound checks, and the person on the door said to the people who were waiting to go in “It will be a few minutes before you can go in and I’ll give you a shout”, so I just waited outside, then the guy said “you can go in now”. So I want in and the first band that was on was the band that I wanted to see, which was Rebel Troubadour, as I have following the band for a good few years, as I knew the band before they had a name change and they where called The Serpent Motors. Well, what can I say about Rebel Troubadour, they are amazing live, better than what you hear on the their album. Their stage presence, crowd interaction etc where on point. The songs that they played from what I can remember were: Staycation, Legend In Your Own Lunch Time, Venom Woman, Heat Seeking Bomb, Three Strikes, Walk With Me, etc, they also done some songs from The Serpent Motors, and some new songs. One of the new songs was written by Tony (bassist) and he said to the crowd who was there “Bare with me, this is a new song” so he grabbed a stand and a sheet with lyrics on and he then said “I wrote the song, but I barely remember the lyrics”, that made me chuckle. Later in their set, Robert (guitarist), said that they were going to do some older songs from The Serpent Motors, and after the songs he turned said the the crowd “We are The Serpent Motors, oops, we’re haven’t been called that in over 18 months” that’s when he spotted me in the crowd, then he said “That guy knows what I mean” at that, I was laughing my head off, and yeah I might’ve been the only there – outside the band – who got the reference. As the set drew to a close, and they finished, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Rebel Troubadour live. thy came off stage and came straight to me and thanked me for coming to see them. over the course of the afternoon/evening I was talking to the band. whilst we watched the other bands.

The second band that was on was Spaff, which were really good, as they had some really good songs and good interaction with the crowd. Their set was bit on the short side, but overall they were good, and I will keep an eye on them for future shows.

the next band was The Only Alternative. From what the band was saying, The Only Alternative have around since the early 80’s, and when they were doing set, I was thinking whilst I was watching them, that I can vaguely remember them from that time period, whether it was from people I knew back then, or just hearing from people from recent times. But anyways, back to the band, their set was really good and they had really good banter not only with each other in the band, but also with the crowd. As they went through their set, the singer was telling the crowd a little bit of a back story behind each song, which was way cool. The Only Alternative is a really cool band.

After the third band came off the stage I went outside to talk to Rebel Troubadour, and after about five to ten minutes Tony (bassist) had to leave to get back home to go to work next day. So after went Robert (guitarist) and Vince (drummer) invited me to go and have a few drinks with them with one there friends, over in Newcastle – which was a ten minute walk – so I said “Yeah, I would love to” so unfortunately I missed the last band The Sadistic Slobs, I will get to see this band at some point in the future.

I had a brilliant time at the gig and after it with Rebel Troubadour. I hope to see all of these bands in the near future.

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