Burdens Within: Onism EP Review

Burdens Within are Ryan J. Kline (Bass), Mike Riley (Guitarist), Levi “Omee” Omundson (Vocals), Ray Alanis (Lead Guitarist) and Brian Hickey (Drums)

When I heard of Burdens Within, it was a few years back, when I heard and reviewed their self titled album Burdens Within and I thought that this band is really cool. A few months back I got to interview Mike Riley, and he was telling me that the band was working on some new material, and a new line up. So when Mike sent me the new EP Onism, I got hyped to listen to it. Over the weekend (when I had the chance), I got to listen to it a good few times.

My first impressions of the EP on the first listen, was that this is really good, and I listened to again, and it didn’t disappoint the following listens. The first song, I Want To Live, is a brilliant rock song with brilliant vocals and guitars, what I like about the song is the drums, as they draw the other instruments together and makes the song a superb opening track. The second song Running Out Of Time is real good, as for me the bass good and it shines on this song, couple that with the thunderous guitars, pounding drums and superb vocals makes the song a firm favourite of mine.

Stone is up next, this song, to me has that ballad vibe to me. and I like it, overall, the complete blend of all the band, makes this song another favourite, as there is some slow melodic moments, and then it goes into a full on metal song, and what also makes this song a favourite, is the bass and drums as they drive the song along.

The Memory Fades is next, the opening of this track is brilliant with the dual bass and guitar riffs and then the drums and vocals kick in, I love it, I also love the double kick drums that are dotted throughout song. The last track off the five track EP is Better Off, I like this song as it is a slightly faster paced song, especially with the drums and guitars, and I loved the closing riff on this song.

Well, after I listened to Onism, further few more times, I must say that Burdens Within out done themselves on this EP. If you like the rock and genres, I would highly recommend that you check out Burdens Within on their Facebook page.

I would give Burdens Within and their EP Onism a 4.5 out of 5 as this EP is awesome and brilliant

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