Project Metal Across The Pond (Jan. 28th 2021)

On this weeks episode of Project Metal Across The Pond With Ell Yong, I will be playing: Not Now Norman, PALENIUM, Paimonia, Paronism, Pass the Ammunition, AFTER THE FALL, Peculiar Three, Aftermath, HYDROGYN, Dirty Rats, Plague Weaver, Qwälen, Repaid In Blood, Beyond The Grey, REALM OF CHAOS, LOVE BONE, t.a.T.u., Syr Daria, Tempestat, Temple Of The Fuzz Witch, Brutallian, VENOMOUS, StormSons, Incarceration, Madre Sun, Calligram, Soulfly, Sepultura, Temtris, Terminal Zero, Terrifying Parasites, Texas Metal Outlaws, The Bloody Hell, The Brood, The Divided Line, The End A.D., The Purple Doves, The Risen Dread, The Shiva Hypothesis, The Strigas, The Heretics Fork, Antonello Giliberto, Lucid Dream, Third Storm and Skid Row. If I have time, I’ll add more to the show.

The three Double Shots Of The Week comes from the bands Peculiar Three, Repaid In Blood and LOVE BONE

The PMATP Album Of The Week comes from the band Dirty Rats and I will be playing their album Ends In Tears in full

There will NOT be any competitions this week, so stay tuned when the next one is announced.

The Project Metal Music Headbangers Hall Of Fame is taking a break for the foreseeable future, stay tuned for when it returns.

Ell’s Global Metal Madness returns this month. The country that we are focusing on this month is Brazil, and this will be a one part, but I might extend it to parter. So come and join me in the chat on Digital Revolution Radio to hear the best Rock and Metal bands from Brazil.

To play us out is Skid Row with Get The Fuck Out.

The show starts at 4pm EST, only on Digital Revolution Radio. Come and join the party and do some serious headbanging.



Project Metal Music

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