Madre Sun: The Speed Of Light EP Review

Madre Sun are a Rock band based out of London, UK, The band consists of Eduardo Cavina – Vocals/Bass, Tyson Schenker – Lead Guitar, Flipi Stipp – Drums and Matt Cavina – Backing Vocals/Guitar.

As some of you may know, I have been follow Madre Sun for some time now, and in that time I have played some of their music on the Project Metal Across The Pond radio show on Digital Revolution Radio, and I also have done a a couple of reviews for the band when they released a couple of singles from the EP, those singles were The Speed Of Light and Trick Up the Sleeve.

After a period of time, the band have released the much awaited EP of The Speed Of Light – Please read The Speed Of Light single review for more information – Now here I am listening to the five track EP in full, and what an EP it is, I am so glad that I waited to hear this EP in full as they have created something really special here, as each song leads into another seamlessly, with the first track Black River (which is still my favourite off the EP) to Trick Up The Sleeve and to title track The Speed Of Light and to the Our Way and the latest single and final track off the EP Puzzle, all are amazing songs and all have that energy that carries throughout the EP.

With Tyson Schenker on lead guitar and Matt Cavina on Rhythm guitar, they are a force to be reckoned with. Also Eduardo vocals and bass, are absolutely brilliant here on the EP, and Flipi Stipp on drums is superb, with his playing.

The song Our Way is a really cool track, as it has that slightly distortion on the the guitars, which is cool, and there is some sweet riffs and guitar solos on this track, and some people will love. The drums are good and the vocals are top notch, overall the song is very solid.

Puzzle, is the latest track released as a single and when I saw the lyric video to the song I was very impressed with what I heard, everything on here is sublime and Puzzle is a much listen to song. The link to the video is below.

Well, what can I SAY about Madre Sun that I haven’t said already, apart from go and check these guys out whether it be on Facebook or YouTube, as you will not be disappointed.

I would give Madre Sun and their EP The Speed Of Light a 5 out out 5 for a brilliantly superb EP.

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