Madre Sun: Single Launch May 22nd 2020 and EP Launch July 2020

Madre Sun are a Rock band based out of London, UK, The band consists of Eduardo Cavina – Vocals/Bass, Tyson Schenker – Guitar, Flipi Stipp – Drums and Matt Cavina – Backing Vocals/Guitar.

The band is formed by Cavina brothers, Eduardo and Matt with Flipi Stipp on drums and Tyson Schenker (Scorpions/UFO Michael Schenker’s son) on the lead guitar.

Over the last year or so I have been following the band Madre Sun, and in that time I have heard Black River and Trick Up The Sleeve, and I have played them on my radio show several times over the course the past year. I also did a review of the two songs (which you can read here).

Now, a few days ago, Madre Sun announced the artwork for the cover of their debut EP The Speed Of Light and the released date for first single off it, which they will officially release Trick Up The Sleeve.

The release date for the single will be the May 22nd 2020, the single will be release worldwide, The EP, The Speed Of Light will be out in July, they will be on all digital platforms and even some physical CD’s. Last September, they released the single Black River to rave reviews.

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