Scarlet Aura: Stormbreaker Album Review

Scarlet Aura are a Heavy Metal band from Bucharest, Romania. The band consists of Aura Danciulescu – Lead Vocals, Mihai Thor Danciulescu – Lead Guitars and Vocals, Rene Nistor – Bass Guitar and Sorin Ristea – Drums.

Well, when I first came across Scarlet Aura, back in March of 2019 I was immediately a fan of them especially the vocal style of Aura Danciulescu, as she has a vocal style similar to Doro Pesch. So when the band announced that they were in the process of writing a new album in late 2019, I was thinking, Yes, I can’t wait for this! So, I was sent a copy of Stormbeaker to review and play on my radio show, I immediately put the album on and I was thinking, Damn, they got better from the previous offering Hot’N’Heavy (which you can read my review here).

The track listing: This World Is Not Enough, Metal Hell, Battle Cry, Stormbreaker, Loose Cannon, I am The One, High In The Shy, The Heretic, Daddy’s Lil Monster, A Blast From The Past and Scarlets United.

After a few listens to the Stormbreaker album, I got to admit that this is one hell of an album. The first song on the offering is The World Is Not Enough, this two minutes song is a brilliant intro to the album as it has some amazing orchestration on it. Up next is Metal Hell, this song is quite heavy with the guitars and the drums, Aura vocals are amazing on this track, to me, they have improved so much, the orchestration has carried through from the opening track and it has lent to the track’s heaviness and also gives some richness. Battle Cry is next, this is another great song from the band, as this has some brilliant guitar and drum work, and again Aura’s vocals are awesome. Up next is the title track, Stormbreaker, this track is a fast past offering, which has some cool drums on this plus great riffs and shredding, I also like the accompanying orchestra on this, and this one of my favourite songs on the album.

Loose Cannon is next, this has a brilliant bass riff intro (which I love) and the bass line carries throughout the song, the guitars and drums are perfect, as well as the vocals, this song will get your head bobbing and your foot tapping, and I can also see this as a brilliant driving track and future anthem for many people, and this another favourite track off the album. I Am The One is next, I like this song as it has some cool guitars, riffs, shredding and vocals, the drums are also brilliant. High In The Sky is up next, this song has a slow, mournful edge to it, as Aura’s vocals has a sorrowful sound, and the music is really fitting with the vocals.

The Heretic is next, the guitar intro to this song has the hard edge to it and they carry on throughout the song, also the song has a slightly faster pace to it, there is a more Symphonic Metal vibe going on, on this track which I love, (I am a fan Symphonic Metal), this is also another favourite track off the album. Daddy’s Lil Monster is next, this is good fast paced track, and it will getting moving, as it has some cool vocals, guitars and drumming from the band.

Up next is A Blast From The Past, at first when I heard the intro to this song I was wondering what I was hearing, but then I realized that I was hearing was an old 78 vinyl being played, hence the name of the track and then the song really kicks in this is another great track from the band, as it has some beautiful soaring music and vocals, with some amazing orchestral arrangement that accompanies – what I would call – Symphonic Metal music from the band, and the old vinyl plays out the song, which is a nice touch. Up next is the last song, which is Scarlets United, I love this track as it has pretty everything that I like in a song, it has brilliant guitar solos, riffing and shredding, the drums are awesome, the bass is great and the vocals are amazing as ever as there is a some operatic elements to them, and this is among my favourites of the album.

Well, Scarlet Aura has done it again, they have created something special here with Stormbreaker, this album is magical, and everyone should check it out. If you are into the Heavy Metal genre or looking for a new band to listen to then you should go and check Scarlet Aura out on their Facebook page.

I would give Scarlet Aura and their Stormbreaker album a 5 out of 5 for a truly magical album from start to finish.

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