Rebel Troubadour: Rebel Troubadour Album Review.

Rebel Troubadour are a Rock N Roll band fro the Peak District, UK. The band are Rob Townsend, Tony Rawley and Vince Crawford.

Ever since I came across Rebel Troubadour, they were under the name of The Serpent Motors, but they recently changed their name to Rebel Troubadour. I have been talking to Rob Townsend for some time now and he said that the band was in the studio record a new album, and I said to him that I can’t wait to hear it. Rob recently sent me link to the album, and as I sit here listening to the album, I am really rocking out to it, as this album has some real good catchy riffs and hook that will make you tap your foot, the vocals are point throughout the album and the drumming is brilliant, as they are the back bone of this tremendous album.

The song listings: Legend In Your Own Lunchtime, Venom Woman, John’s Got A Gun, Staycation, Three Strikes, Walking Dead, Shine Your Light, Walk With Me, Motions On A Wheel and Heat Seeking Bomb.

Now the first track is Legend In Your Own Lunchtime, and this track is pretty good as it has that Punk vibe to it, the drums on this is brilliant as they really drive the song along, and there is some good riffs on this which will get your foot a tapping. Venom Woman is another great song, the intro has a great bass intro and the bass line can be heard throughout the song, as I listened to the song a good few times and I keep hearing a hint of Lemmy (Motorhead) on the vocals. The next track is John’s Got A Gun, has some good vocals on this song, and the story of this is good as it is about a guy using a gun, and using it (that is my interpretation). Staycation is up next, well this is different to the usual stuff that I have heard from the band, as this has a Reggae vibe to the vocals and music, the notable thing that is difference is the introduction of the Saxophone, I’ll like this song as this has beat that you could get into, this song a must listen to.

Three Strikes is next, and has a brilliant drum intro, and they continue throughout the song, what makes this song even better is the the guitar and bass complimenting the drums really well, the vocals are on point, if you are in to some good riffs then this song is for you. Walking Dead is up next, this song has a brilliant bass riff intro, and also like Venom Woman the vocals sound bit like Lemmy, this is a good song to dance to, as the combination of the drums and the bass work really well and they will get you moving. Up next is Shine Your Light, this has a good guitar line, and the song has some good riffs, the drums are pretty cool, the bass line is good as well and the vocals again are on point.

Walk With Me is next, this is another damn good song, with some amazing guitars and vocals, the drums and bass are good, this is another song that is must listen to. Motions On A Wheel is next, this song has a slower paced vibe to it from the get go, what struck me about this song is the drums, as they are the driving force of the song, also the vocals have a slightly sombre tone to them, there is some cool riffs here on the song. Heat Seeking Bomb is the last song and is one of my favourites of the album, as it has a tempo that I like, with some cool drums, guitars and vocals, this is a definite must listen to track.

Well, what I can I say, this offering from Rebel Troubadour is really good and you have to listen to it to get the full experience of what the band is going for. So if you into the Rock N Roll and Punk vibe genres or just looking for something new to listen to, then Rebel Troubadour is the band for you. So go and check them out on the Facebook page.

I would give Rebel Troubadour and their self titled album a very solid 4.5 out of 5

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