Malamorte: Hell For All Album Review

Malamorte are a Occult Heavy Metal band from Rome, Italy. The band consists of L.V. Vocals/Guitars, music, lyrics, production, arrangements and Session: Sk: additional guitars, Bass, Programming.

Over the years I have been listening to a lot of Rock and Metal music from around the world, and of late Italy has really been raising their game on the whole, with such bands as June 1974, New Horizons, Hence and many other great bands. Malamorte is one of those bands that are up there with the brilliant musicians, that have been coming out of the country.

The track listings: Advent, Antichrist, Warriors Of Hell, Holy Or Unholy, Mother, Hell For All, Son, The Worshipers Of Evil, Satan’s Slave and God Is Nothing.

Over the course of the Hell For All album I have come a firm fan of the band. The songs on the album have that traditional Heavy Metal vibes in the music but with a modern twist and with some dark undertones in the lyrics, which makes the album in my mind brilliant. the subject matter for the album is basically about Hell. The songs that caught my attention and liked are Advent, which is the album intro, OK, this song is only 51 second song, but it is a great opener, and sets up the rest of the album brilliantly. Antichrist is another track that I like, because of the fast paced drumming and guitars, which reminds me of the Metal music of the 80s, plus on this song there is some cool riffs.

Warriors Of Hell is another great song with its guitar riff opening and also there are other cool riffs later on in the song, and also the awesome heavy fast past drumming, which they are pretty much throughout the song, I also like the vocals on this, especially on the chorus parts of the song.

Holy Or Unholy is another good song, as the guitars, drums and vocals are good. When Mother came on, I wasn’t to sure about it as the opening forty seconds of it, there was acoustic guitars, but when full electric guitars and vocals kick in, I was thinking Oh, OK, I get it now, (you will need to listen to the song to fully appreciate the lyrics and the music). Hell For All is the title track of the album and I like this as it has some great drums and guitars on this, as the guitars and vocal style to a point, reminds me of the 80s Metal, also this is a must listen to song. Son is good, as it has some really heavy guitars, which will grab some peoples attention, I also like the lyrics, especially the part “You are the son of Satan” repeated several times, as it is sung in a very catchy way, plus the guitars are great on this song.

The Worshipers Of Evil, has a real catchy intro with the drums and guitars, and they the continue throughout the song, also the drums are real heavy and thunderous, which I love, as a good drums will make a good song great in my mind, plus there is some great riffs and shredding near the end of the song. Satan’s Slave has what appears some chanting in the intro of the song which sets up the track brilliantly, as it has that choral vibe to the vocals, and the music is brilliant, as it compliments the vocals and lyrics really well and this has to be one of my favourite tracks off the album. God Is Nothing is a good outro track, as it has some good guitar and drum work, the vocals are on point.

Well, what can I say about Malamorte, what a band, Lord Vampyre has written an amazing album in Hell For All, the music is brilliant and the vocal are top notch. So if you are into the Occult Heavy Metal genres or looking for something new, or even you are new to the Metal genre, then go and check Malamorte out on their Facebook page, as I would highly recommend the band to anyone.

I would give Malamorte and the Hell For All Album a 4.5 out 5 for the most intriguing album.

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