Deathtura: Division Album Review

Deathtura is a Heavy, Thrash, Groove Metal band from Wallonie, Belgium. The band consist of Bastian Flames – Vocals, Jack – Bass, Jerem – Lead Guitar, Jeff – Guitar and Mickey D. – Drums.

When I came across Deathtura at the beginning of 2019, I became a fan pretty much straight away, when I put on the Division album. The reason why I like this band, is  of the guitars and drums, as the band has struck a pretty much a perfect balance on the album.

The track listing: Purgatory Of Our Future, Help Me Confide, Escape The Time, Fury, Broken Man’s Road, Killing Your Threats, Not A Fool, Confess For Them, Sick Of Being You, In Sight and The Kid.

Over the course of the album, the songs that really stood out for me are Purgatory Of Our Future, Escape The Time, Fury, Broken Man’s Road, Killing Your Threats, Not A Fool, Confess For Them, Sick Of Being You, In Sight and The Kid.

I love Purgatory Of Our Future as it has a brilliant mix and perfect blend of all instruments and vocals from the band and is a brilliant opening track for the Division album, as it sets up the album really well. Escape The Time is a brilliant track as this has some amazing guitars this, as there is some awesome riffs and shreds littering the song, and this song is on my personal playlist as I like it so much, this is a must listen to song, if you are into riffs and shredding.

With Confess For Them, the drums are brilliant on this as they really drive the song coupled that with the guitars and vocals, this song is top notch. Sick Of Being You, has a brilliant bass line on this, and the drums are again brilliant and compliment the bass and guitars, the vocals as always are on point. I like the vocals on In Sight and I also like the tempo changes, as they go from more of a melodic vibe to a slightly more faster tempo with the drums and guitars. On The Kid, I loved the acoustic Intro to the song and it continued throughout the song, also the song had electric guitars which is compliments the acoustic guitar perfectly and the vocals are brilliant on this as well.

As I listened to the Division album several times, you have to listen to this, as it is full of amazing riffs and shredding, awesome drumming, and the vocals are brilliant. So if you are into the Thrash, Groove Metal genres or if you want to listen to something new, or if you are new to the genres, then I would highly recommend that you go and check Deathtura out on their Facebook page, as you will not be disappointed.

I would give Deathtura and their Division album a 4.5 out 5 for a downright brilliant album

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