When The Deadbolt Breaks: Angels Are Weeping… God Has Abandoned Album Review

When The Deadbolt Breaks are an Experimental, Psychedelic, Heavy band from Connecticut. The band consists of Aaron Lewis, Mike Parkyn and Randy Dumas.

Over the years, I have listened to a lot of Rock and Metal, and over the years Rock and Metal has evolved into something that has a lot of sub genres, and one of those sub genres that came across a few years ago was the Experimental Psychedelic genre, that takes elements from Doom, Heavy Metal, Psychedelic, etc and blends them together brilliantly. So when, When The Deadbolt Breaks sent me the Angels Are Weeping… God Has Abandoned EP through, I was thinking, OK, what have you got for me? so I put the EP on just to see what the band has got to offer. As the EP was playing, I was gathering my initial thoughts of the EP, and from what I was hearing from this band, I was thinking, OK, I am liking what I am hearing, as the EP has some really cool songs on it.

The track listing: Centering Through Isolation, Bloodborn, Sky Will Fall, Floyds Machines and Color The Sun.

Up first is Centering Through Isolation, well this is one hell of a track, from the get go and throughout the song it is downright heavy, as the guitars and bass sounds like they have been de-tuned, and if if you love the Doom genre then you will love this track, as this song ticks all the boxes musically for the genre, the vocals for the song are really on point and fits really well with the style of the music.

Bloodborn is next, now this is completely different to the first track, as this song has a much cleaner chilled out sound at the beginning, but has real heavy guitars later on in the song, which is a cool counterpoint to the chilled out sound of the first four minutes of this twelve minute song, the drums and the guitars on this work really well together, the vocals are good on this, on the last part of the song, I could hear some Type O Negative guitar vibe at the end.

Sky Will Fall is next, at the beginning of the song there is some classic 60s Psychedelic guitars riffs and vocals, which sort of reminds me of The Doors in a way, and then the heavy heaviness kicks in, but it still has that classic vibe to the song, As the track went on, I was thinking that the vocalist, has that Jim Morrison vibe to him on this, especially on the cleaner vocal parts. Near the end of the song there is some tremendous riffs that will rip through your brain and directly into your soul and make you want to headbang.

Floyds Machines is next, this another brilliant track, this is something would appear on The Lost Boys soundtrack, especially with the haunting vocals at the beginning of the song, and the way the guitars are played, with their slow and melodic precision, and I could say that with the drums as well, this whole song is one of my favourites off the EP, and I could rock out to this all day, with its thunderous guitars and drums, and they will definitely pound your brain to mush in a good way.

Color The Sun is the last track off the album, this song might be the last track off the EP, but it doesn’t disappoint, it might have some slow parts, but that adds some gravitas to it, and the riffs and shredding are sublime to say the least, for me, what really drives the song along brilliantly are the drums and the bass, as they are wickedly bad ass, gods the guitar riffs, what can I say about the guitar riffs other than that they are godly, and the vocals are brilliant.

Well, what can I say, When The Deadbolt Breaks are a brilliant band, and they have created a brilliant EP in the form of Angels Are Bleeding… God Has Abandoned. So if you are into the Psychedelic, Experimental, Heavy genres, then you need to check this band out, or if you are looking for something new and downright heavy, then look no further than When The Deadbolt Breaks, as I would highly recommend that you go and check the band out on their Facebook page.

I would give When The Deadbolt Breaks and their Angels Are Bleeding… God Has Abandoned a 5 out of 5 for amazingly heavy EP

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