Karmic Link: Dark Metropolis Album Review

Karmic Link are an Experimental, Progressive, Atmospheric Metal band from Athens, Greece. The band consists of Stathis Kassios – Keys, Vocals, Evan Hensley – Guitars, Bass and Kim Kimbo Gustavsson – Drums, Guitars.

In the last few years I have been noticing a quite a few bands that have been coming out of Greece most notably Astarte, Rotting Christ and Nightfall, just to name a few. So with that being said, I was looking forward to hearing what Karmic Link had to offer, so when they sent me the Dark Metropolis album, I was thinking, OK, what have you got for me? Like I normally do, I put the album on to see what my initial thoughts of the band and album were like, and thoughts were pretty good. On first run through of the album, and yeah they are an Experimental, Progressive, Atmospheric Metal band, but I could hear elements of Dark Wave and Goth on some of the tracks.

The track listings: Random Phantom, Dark Metropolis, The Tone Of C, False Spots On The Highway, Your Fire Will Burn For Centuries, Riama, Endless, Lost Magic Alchemy and Nostalgia.

Up first is Random Phantom this is a pretty cool song and opener for the album, this song I heard some Goth and Dark Wave elements especially with the the vocal styling and with the use of the keys and I like it as it took me back to the 80’s as is what I grew up on, I also liked the guitars on this, as the guitars, keys and well everything blends really together. The next song is the title track Dark Metropolis, this song has a more of a Metal song than the previous track, as the guitars are more prominent, the vocals are really good and the drums are on point.

The Tone Of C is next, when I first listened this track the first time, I wasn’t sure about it, but when I listened to it again. I was thinking, OK, this has a catchy vibe to it with the keys, guitars and drums and there is a sweet little bass riff in the middle of the song, the vocals fits in perfectly with the music. False Spots On The Highway is up next, I like the guitars on this as well as the piano, the vocals are good same with the drums.

Your Fire Will Burn For Centuries is next, and this is a more of a slower tempo song, with the drums and guitars slowed down and with the guitars slightly detuned, this makes the the song more atmospheric, and with the keys adding something to the song that makes the song good. Riama is next, this song is really good as it utilizes the piano brilliant and really set the mood of the song.

Endless is next and with the last song they have the piano playing throughout the track and adds some gravitas to the mood of the song which has a slightly darker edge, the guitars, drums and vocals are really good on this, near the end of the track there is sweet riffs, that anyone who like them would enjoy tremendously. Lost Magic Alchemy is next, and this has some cool drums on it, also there is some cool guitar riffs and solos. Nostalgia is the last track off the album and there is a cool blend of guitars and keys, the vocals are good as they add a haunting element to the song, also there is a cool pipe organ element near the end of the song.

Well, Karmic Link have created something special here with the Dark Metropolis album, as it is haunting as well as majestic in its entirety. A brilliant album. So if you are into the Progressive, Atmospheric and Metal genres, then Karmic Link is the band for you, and if you are new to the genres and want to listen to a new band, then go and check the band out on the Facebook page.

I would give Karmic Link and their Dark Metropolis album a 4.5 out of 5 for a brilliant album

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