Etterna: Chaotic Album Review

Etterna are a Prog-Melodic Metal band from Prešov, Slovakia. The band consists of Ady Hnat – Vocals, Guitar, Adam Maňko – Guitar, Feral Inferis – Guitar, Martin Fides – Bass and Tomáš Višňovský – Drums.

In recent years, I have started to see bands that are coming out Slovakia. there have been a couple of bands that I have done reviews for, most notable review I done is Brute. So when Etterna sent me their Chaotic album through I thought, OK, what have you got for me? So like I always do, I put the album on, so I can get an initial impression of what the band has written and to see what they sound like, and from that initial listen through, I thought that the band was pretty decent. So I went back and listened to the album again.

The track listings: The Grand Opening, Swan, Secreto en Fragopolis, This Moment, My Guidance Home. Before Our Lives, The Independent Dreamland, Demon, Betrayed Love and Desert Ruins.

Up first on the  album is The Grand Opening, this one minute ten intro is pretty cool as its primarily an acoustic guitar, and its a good little intro to the album. Swan is next I like this song as it continues from the intro with the acoustic before the electric guitars kick in and they good and heavy. the drums are on point and the vocals are good, there is some cool bass and guitar riffs which like.

Secreto en Fragopolis is another good track and I like the drums on this, as it appears they are using a double bass drum or a double kick pedal, the guitars are good, and the bass is good on this song, as it works really well with the drums, the vocals are good as there is some growl and clean vocals. This Moment is next and right from the start, the guitars and drums are heavy as hell, and I like that, and they continue throughout the song, the vocals are good, as the song has clean vocals on the whole and some growl vocals in parts of the song.

My Guidance Home is next, this song start of with some acoustic guitars, then bam, the electric guitars and the rest of the band kicks in, and I found that I was nodding along with the song, as there is some sweet drumming and the guitars and bass are good as well, what puts the cherry on top of this song is the vocals as they are good. Before Our Lives, this song is slightly different to the rest, on this the guitars are slightly tuned differently, but this is a good thing as I like the song, also there is some sweet shredding and riffing from the guitars.

The Independent Dreamland is next, this song like the some of the songs on the album, starts off with some sweet drum and guitar combo, there is some cool riffs and shredding, the vocals are on point, at about two thirds through the song there is a cool tempo change, that the song got a little quicker and some sweet drums and guitar shredding. Demon is up next and the song starts out with a cool drum intro, with guitars kicking in about ten seconds later, I loved the growl and clean vocals on this song as they add something to the track. the guitars again are riffing away, and this might be one of my favourite tracks off the album.

Betrayed Love is next, this is a cool track about someone that their love has been betrayed, this is primarily an acoustic track, which is befitting of the subject matter, overall this song is a good ballad. Desert Ruins is a fast paced, in your face, scorcher of a song it has some brilliant guitars and drums on here, and the vocals are brilliant and fits in really well with the music, and this is another song that is a favourite. There is another track on the album, but it is a radio edit of Secreto en Fragopolis.

Well, after listening the Chaotic album a couple of times, I have to say that this is a really good album, and I would recommend to anyone to go and check out, not only the album, but also check out the band Etterna, and you can find the band on Facebook.

I would give Etterna and their Chaotic album a very respectable 4.5 out of 5

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