Noturnall: 9 Album Review

Noturnall are a Heavy Metal, Progressive Metal band from São Paulo, Brazil. The band consists of Thiago Bianchi – Vocal, Mike Orlando – Guitar, Henrique Pucci – Drums and Saulo Xakol – Bass.

Ever since I started doing Project Metal Music back in 2015, I have come across a lot of bands from Brazil, but prior to doing PMM, I only knew of a couple bands from Brazil, such as Sepultura and Soulfly. When Noturnall sent me their album 9 through, and when I looked them up and found that they were from Brazil, I thought, OK, this band should be good. As going on past experience with bands from Brazil, that those bands from the country tend to be really good, and from my initial thoughts of Noturnall, they are a really good band.

The track listings: Hey!, Change, Wake Up!, Moving On, Mysterious, Hearts As One, What You Waiting For, Shadows, and Pain.

There several tracks off the 9 album that I really enjoyed immensely, and the first one is Hey!, I like the intro to this track, as it has some brilliant guitars and the riffs are sublime, the drums are brilliant, as they work really well with the guitars, the keys are brilliant, and the vocals are on point. Change is another good song, as again it has some really good music from the band, and they are working really well together, on here I also love the guitar riffs and shredding.

Wake Up! starts off with some really cool drums and shredding from the guitars, and they continue throughout the track, the bass line helps to really drive the song along at a pretty relentless pace and the vocals are great on the song as well as they have that gravelly and gritty aspect to them. Moving On is pretty good song, albeit its on the slower side at the start but the pacing does pick up somewhat as the song goes on, again the musicianship on this track is top notch. Mysterious is up next and this is another epic fast paced song from the get go, and it dive head long into the tremendous drums and brilliant guitars, with the guitars there is superb riffing and shredding, the vocals are amazing on this track, one thing that springs to mind about this track it sound like a Power Metal song with the speed of the drums, this song has to be one of my favourites songs off the album.

Up next is Hearts As One, this song is good and is another song that starts of slow, and continues to be slow, but it has that uplifting vibe to it, and it is a song to be heard to be appreciated. What Are You Waiting For is next, and unlike Hearts As One, this song is more heavier and more aggressive in the drums and guitars, the vocals are on point and fit really well with the music.

Shadows is another good song, as this one has some really cool guitars and drums, and cool keys on this, the vocals have some clean and grittier vocals which I like, in places there is some cool riffs that are brilliant. The last track is Pain, on this, there some cool acoustic guitars, and this song also shows that the band can do some slower songs.

Well, what can I say that Noturnall are a brilliant band, that everyone should check out. So if you like the Heavy Metal and Progressive Metal genres, or looking for a new band to listen to, then you should definitely check out Noturnall on their Facebook page.

I would give Noturnall and their 9 album a brilliant 5 out of 5, a brilliant album and band

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