Railway Glass: Common World Single Review

Railway Glass are a Rock Alternative, Hard Rock, Punk Rock, Pop Rock ,Heavy Metal, Country Rock band from Hermosillo, Mexico. The band consists of Omar Grijalva (Guitarrista Ritmico & Vocalista), Benjamin Rivera (Bajo & Coros), Gustavo Medina”Tavo”(Guitarrista Lider & Coros) and Jesus Miranda “Chicho” (Bateria).

When Jesus contacted me through Facebook, a few days, he was wondering if I was up for doing a review for his band’s new single, and I said I would love too, so he explained that his band is called Railway Glass and they released the song Common World as a single, and there was a video for it. So he sent me, not only the link to the video, but also the single itself.

First I watched the video to the song and my initial thoughts of the song was pretty encouraging, so I message Jesus, to tell him that I like the song and video. So when I got the single through, I sat down to listen to it properly, and overall my initial impressions were correct, as it is a pretty good song, as it has some really harmonies on the vocals and the guitars are good, the drumming is also good. On the track there is some hint and influence of Nirvana, especially within the vocals. The song is well written and performed and the band works really well together.

Overall, Railway Glass has released a really good song with Common World, and this is a good introduction to a new band. So If you like the Rock genre in general or wanting to listen to something new, then I would recommend that you go and check Railway Glass out on their Facebook page.

I would give Railway Glass and their single Common World a very respectable 4 out of 5, I will definitely keep an eye this band.

Project Metal Music.

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