Not My Master: Disobey Album Review

Not My Master are a Violent, Angry, Ugly, Dirty Metal band from El Paso, Texas, USA, The band consists of Charlie Gonzalez – Drum Beater, Chelo Styles – Guitar String Killa, Chris Kidwell – Vocal Cords and Rudy Barajas – Thump Master.

Over the many years that I have been listening to the rock and Metal genres, I have come across many band that have hailed from the Texas area of the USA, and from what I have heard from those bands I really enjoyed listening to those bands, I even have a tattoo of a Texas based band called Militia, on my right arm, that is how much I like some of the bands that have come out of Texas.

When Not My Master sent me their Disobey album through, I was thinking, OK, lets see what you have got in store for me, so I put the album on and did a little research on the band, and when I found out that the band are from Texas, I was, OK, this band and album should be good. As I was listening to the album for the first time, just to get my initial thoughts of it, at first I wasn’t really keen on the vocals at first, but over the course of the album they started to grow on me, and they really suited the style of Metal that the band are going for.

The track listing: Acadence, Revenge, Where’s God Now, Morning Star, Lies, How The Gods Kill (Danzig) and Consume.

The stand out songs on the album for me are, Acadence, I like this song because of the drums and guitars, as they work really well together, and I loved the drum intro to the song and the drums through the song. Revenge is another good song, as this was the song that started me to like the vocals, as they go from gutteral to haunting and back to gutteral really quickly, and the music works really well with the vocals, to give a haunting, but aggressive overall sound.

Where’s God Now, is another song that I liked, because of the guitars and drums, and the vocals were on point. Morning Star is good, as I like the intro to the track, as it has that slow, haunting vibe to it and when the drums and guitars kick in fully, I thought, OK, I can really get into this song and band, and I really liked the haunting vocals on this.

Lies is good, as I liked the bass line on this song, and coupled that with the drums, it makes you want to start headbanging along with them. How The Gods Kill (Danzig), I like this cover, as they did the song justice, with its atmospheric sound of the music and the brilliant vocals. Finally Consume, I liked this song because of everything, loved the guitars and the thunderous drums and the brilliant vocals, and they work really well together.

Well, at first I wasn’t really sure at first about the band, but after several listens to the album, I came to really enjoy the band and album. So if you are into the Violent, Angry, Ugly, Dirty Metal genre or wanting to listen to something new then I would recommend that you go and check Not My Master out on their Facebook page.

I would give Not My Master and their Disobey album a very respectable 4 out of 5.

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