Massive Scar Era: Color Blind EP Review

Massive Scar Era are a Melodic Metal band based out off Vancouver, Canada and Cairo, Egypt. The band consists of Cherine Am – Vocalist and guitarist, Nancy Mounir – Violinist and Dylan Wijdenes-Charles – Bassist.

Over the last few months, a good friend and fellow DJ, has been playing some of Massive Scar Era on his radio show, and I started to like the band. So when I received the Color Blind EP through, I was thinking, Oh, OK, I know this band I have heard of them before, as I have heard them on The Breakfast Binge with Brandon Morningstar.

Well, I put the EP on, so I can get and initial idea of what the band is going for, and the initial thoughts were pretty good, as they have written something good here.

Track listing: Color Blind, Unfollow, Interlude, Oblivious and Rogue.

The first track up is Color Blind, this song is a really good intro to the EP and to the band, as it blends Metal and middle eastern culture really well, I like this as it has a violin playing throughout the track, which adds that something to the overall sound. Up next is Unfollow, like Color Blind, Unfollow has a richness to it that I can’t put my finger on, it could be the violin or the drums and guitars or it could be Cherine’s vocal or a combination of all three, and this is a must listen to song.

Up next is Interlude, this little track is really good, as it has a flute and drums on it, that is done in a soft melodic fashion that has a calming influence to it. Next is Oblivious, this is a cool song, as I like the vocals from Cherine, and I also like the guitars, as they compliment the vocals really well, the drums and growl vocals are on point, and the violin on parts of the song are really cool, as they bring an edge to the track. Up next is Rogue, which is is the last track off the EP, this song is pretty cool, as it starts out with an aggressive sound with the guitars, drums and growl vocals, and they carry on throughout, and Cherine’s vocals are a good counterpoint to the aggressiveness in the growl vocals and heaviness of the guitars and drums.

Well, overall I really enjoyed listening to Massive Scar Era’s Color Blind EP, as it has a quality to it, as it is well written and performed by the band, and you can tell that the EP has a good production value added to it. So, if you like the Melodic Metal genre or looking for a band or new genre to get into, then look no further than Massive Scar Era, so go and check them out on their Facebook page for more information.

I would give Massive Scar Era and their Color Blind EP a 4.5 out of 5 for a very solid EP

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