June 1974: MindTrip Album Review

June 1974 is an Alternative band based out of Italy. the band consists of Federico Romano and who is a multi – instrumentalist.

When I came across June 1974 last year, I had that I liked the overall sound that Federico was going for. Now with the release of the Mind Trip album, I wanted to hear what Federico had come up with on this offering, so I put it and quickly listened to it and selected a song for the Project Metal Across The Pond radio show, the song I choose was the title track MindTrip.

As I sat down to listen to the album in full, I knew that it was going to be good, as like I said before, I briefly listened to it. So, those initial thoughts of the album being good, were born out. So, when I listened to MindTrip, there are songs on here, that I really enjoyed, as they took me back to the 70s Prog era and to the 80s Goth scene.

Track listings: Dissonance, Cosmica, MindTrip, Paranoia, Mr White, Cry And Wash Out Your Heart and Inoubliable (Electro Dreamy Extended Version).

over the course of the album the songs that stood out for me is, Dissonance, on this track liked the the stripped down acoustic vibe this song is going for and when the drums kick in, I was thinking that they were good touch and it is the same when the piano comes in, this is a good little track. Another track that I liked is Cosmica, this has some good distorted guitars, also it has some cool atmospheric elements, which has a very chill feel to it.

Mindtrip is another good track as this has some good drum and keyboard work, the guitars are really good, I play this song on the PMATP show a few weeks back, and I will the whole album in full at some point in the future. Paranoia is another great song, as it has a more of a Hard Rock vibe it, as there is a some sweet little riffs, to me in my mind, hark back to Jimi Hendrix, especially in the intro and in other parts of the song. Mr White reminds me of the eighties movies soundtracks, ie some John Carpenter movies, I love the synths on this track as it is very atmospheric.

Cry And Wash Out Your Heart is a really good song as it has some cool guitars on this, as Frederico blends some melodic and the harsh somewhat thrashy really well as they are not in your face, what makes me like this sing much more is that he has added some what sounds like tubular bells on the song, which makes me think of Mike Oldfield. The last track off the EP is Inoubliable (Electro Dreamy Extended Version), I like this as it has a amazing piano intro to it, some brilliant cello in parts and excellent acoustic and electric guitars in parts, with all these instruments, you might think that it would be a total mess, but its not, Frederico has made a brilliantly subtle song that I will happily put onto my personal playlist.

Well, June 1974 have created a brilliant atmospheric masterpiece here,I can’t stress enough that everyone should go and check June 1974 out on the band’s Facebook page, as you will not be disappointed.

I will give June 1974 and the MindTrip album a 5 out of 5.

Project Metal Music

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