Viqueen: Spill Your Guts Album Review

Viqueen are a Punk band from San Francisco, California, USA, The band consists of Alexa Rae, Courtney Cavanagh and Emma Hyatt.

When a good friend of mine, JeffM, first introduced me to Viqueen, back in November of 2018, I was thinking, OK, lets see what they have for me. So when I listened to Viqueen for the first time, my initial thoughts were that these girls are pretty impressive.

As I sat down and listened to Viqueen’s Spill Your Guts album, I noticed, that I haven’t got one of their tracks of this eight track album, but I what I have more than enough to realize my initial thoughts were right, that these girls are brilliant writers and musicians.

Track listings C Word, Forest For It’s Trees, Space Camp, Thirsty Bitches, Graves, Party Animal and Unholy.

The first track off the album is C Word, this a brilliant song for the opening track, as it has a raw energy that encapsulates the essence of the album, as it has some really good guitar work, the drums are brilliant and the vocals are on point. Forest For It’s Trees is next, this song is similar to C Word in its style, on this track there is some cool guitar work and riffs, the drums are on point as they help drive the song along, and the vocals are brilliant, as they have a sort of soaring edge to them on parts of the song.

Space Camp is next, I like this song, as it has that heavier edge to it, as the guitars and drums have a heavier distorted edge to them, and the vocals really match the music, as the song has clean vocals for the most part, but there is some growl vocals on parts of the track. Thirsty Bitches is up next, this track is more of a up beat vibe to it, especially with the drums, as they have a slightly faster tempo to the previous tracks, the guitars and bass really work well with the drums, as they compliment them superbly, the vocals are as usual on point.

Graves is next, for me, Graves is leaning towards the heavier side of Hard Rock, because of the slightly distorted guitars and the intensity of the drums, on the track there is some clean and growl vocals, which are really cool. Party Animal is next, this has a fun aspect to the song, as the title suggests, its about having some fun, the music and vocals reflect that, as there is some cool guitar work and riffs within the song, the vocals are point and the drums are brilliant. Unholy is the last song off the album, as this song is a brilliant outro song, as it has the real intensity and encapsulates the essence of the Punk Rock genre, everything about this song is brilliant, from the drums, to the guitar and mainly from the vocals, as the vocals to me are brilliant.

So, well, I was immensely impress With Viqueen and their album Spill Your Guts, as they have written a brilliant here and also they are talented musicians. If you are into the Punk genre you will love this band. If you are wanting to listen and get into a new band, then I would highly recommend that you go and check Viqueen out on their Facebook page, as you will not be disappointed.

I would give Viqueen and their Spill Your Guts album a 4.5 out of 5 for an amazing album, that everyone should check out.

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