Swamphammer: Landanum Album Review

Swamphammer are a Swamp Rock band from San Mateo, California, USA. The band consists of TBA very soon – Vocals, Stephen Lynch – Guitar, Jimmy Arceneaux – Guitar, Laura Scott – Bass and Cody Antill – Drums.

So, when Swamphammer sent me their Landanum album through, I was thinking, Oh, OK, I know these guys. So I did a little research and I first came across Swamphammer back at the beginning of the the year, I did a review for them for their EP Swamphammer. So, when I put the Landanum album, for the first, like I normally do, because I tend to listen to it first to see what the band is going for on the album and to get my initial thoughts about it. As I listened to the album and re-familiarizing myself with Swamphammer, I sort of forgot how good this band is.

Track listing: Old Drug, Glass Jacket, Dead N Gone, That Woman Made A Man Outta Me, Let The Rough End Drag, Butterstick, Nome Alaska, Superpower and ???

Old Drug is the first track off the Landanum album, and it is a brilliant opener, as it opens with a banjo solo and after a few seconds, the band kicks in with a full on Rock music, the electric guitars follow on in a similar style from the banjo and is brilliant, the overall sound of this song is what would consider as Swamp Rock with overtones of Southern Rock and elements of Metal on the guitars. Glass Jacket is next, on this what caught my attention is two things, the first was the vocals they had somewhat of a Rap Rock/Metal to them, which is cool as they fit really well with what the band was going for on the song, which was an edgy vibe to it, and the second was the the bass had a more pronounced lead on parts of the song.

Dead N Gone is next, this is a good song, as it has that Southern Rock vibe to it, the guitars are cool, the drums are on point and the vocals work well with the guitar and drums, and there is some really cool solos and riffs on this song, that any fan of them will appreciate. That Woman Made A Man Outta Me is next, the intro of the track is a brilliant drum intro, and they continue throughout the song, also the guitars are good, as there is some good work there and they compliment the drums really well, the vocals are on point, the title of the song pretty much self explanatory.  Let The Rough End Drag is next, this is a cool song as they mix acoustic and electric guitars really well, and the electric guitars have some good riffs.

Butterstick is next, the vocals and guitars are brilliant on this track, as they work really well, as they have that edginess and somewhat aggression to them, and the drums are on point, as they compliment them really well, and there is some cool guitar solos. Nome Alaska is next, now Nome is a city in Alaska, with that said this song is cool, as they have slowed the song and vocals down somewhat, they have primarily an acoustic vibe to the track with electric guitars interspersed throughout the song, it also has some Arabic elements to it, as Nome is also a reference to the thirty six territorial divisions of ancient Egypt. Superpower is next, I like this song, as some of the vocals have a semi guttural vibe, but overall the song has clean vocals, also the bass has some cool little riffs, the drums are brilliant as they are leaning towards the fast paced, and the guitars are cool. The next and last song of the track is ???, I really like this track, as the guitars and drums are leaning towards the Hard Rock, and there is some sweet riffs and guitar solos, the vocals are on point, as they have that gruff sound, which compliments the music very well.

Well, Swamphammer has done it again, with another brilliant offering in the form of the Landanum album, Overall the album is well written and performed by the band. So, if you like the Swamp Rock, Southern Rock and Hard Rock genres, then you will like Swamphammer, so if you like those genre and/or wanting to hear and get into a really good band, then I would highly recommend that you should go and check Swamphammer out on their Facebook page, as you will not be disappointed.

I would give Swamphammer and their Landanum album a 4.5 out of 5 for a seriously rocking album.

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