The Self Titled: Bears And Bulls EP Review

The Self Titled are a Hard Rock and Metal band from London and Kent, UK. The band consists of Tom Procter – Vocals, Paul Brander – Drums, Philipp Hall – Lead Guitar and Steve Burwell – Bass.

I came came across the band The Self Titled, it was through a good friend not only to me, but to Project Metal Music as well, that is Steve Saunders. He messaged me last Wednesday, asking is I was up to doing a review for the band, and I said, Yes, I would love to.

So when I got the EP through, I played the four track EP, I had to play two of the songs on the Project Metal Across The Pond radio the following day, as I was putting the show together on the Wednesday, and I chose Bears And Bulls and Breathe Mix to be one of the Double Shots on the show, and both songs were well received by my listeners.

As sat down to listen to the EP in full and to get some idea and initial thoughts on the Bears And Bulls EP, and those initials thoughts were good. Like I normally do, I listen to the music I have been sent a good few times, to get a better and overall view what the band are going for.

Track listings: Bears And Bulls, Breathe Mix, Disintegration and Fear And Loathing.

Up first is Bears And Bulls, this song is cool,as it has a RATM and Soundgarden vibe to it, the guitars have a bluesy distortion, but done in a Hard Rock/Metal way. the vocals and drums are on point. Breathe Mix is next, this is a cool song, as it is a fast pace that you can rock out to, as the guitars and drums work well together, the vocals are good, as they remind me somewhat of Rage Against The Machine.

Disintegration is next, I really like this song, as this is heavier and more aggressive than the previous two tracks, as you can tell within the guitars and they are really good and the drums work well and compliment the guitars brilliantly. Up next is Fear And Loathing, I like this track as it has some cool guitars and vocals, the guitars are melodic on this track and the vocals work well and compliment the guitars and the music in general, the drum are spot on as they are cool as hell, plus there are some cool little riffs.

Well, The Self Titled are really good, as they have created some good here on the Bears And Bulls EP, as they, for some reason, created four tracks that speak to you on subconscious level and to make you want to rock out. So, if you are into Hard Rock and Metal genres and/or want to hear a new band, then I would highly recommend that you go and check The Self Titled out on their Facebook page.

I would give The Self Titled and their Bears And Bulls EP a 4.5 out of 5 this EP is well worth a listen as it will make you want to Rock Out

Project Metal Music

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