Black Roze: Spiritual Hell Album Review

Black Roze are a Rock ,Heavy Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Goth Rock band from Margate, Kent, UK. The band consists of Viixen, Baz Roze, Jaime Cortinas, Ron Maiden, Vic Stick.

I have been listening to a lot of Rock and Metal over the last forty plus years, and I have come to love quite a lot of it. So, when I came across Black Roze, via a good friend of mine, a guy called Steve Saunders, he messaged me last Wednesday (Nov. 13th 2019), he asked me if I was up to doing a review for Black Roze, and I said, Yeah I would love to. When I got the Spiritual Hell through, I put the album on, as I was putting together the November 14th 2019 episode of Project Metal Across The Pond radio show, and as I listened to it, my initial thoughts were that, this band is really good, so I chose two tracks and they were In The Darkness (Hell) and In The Darkness (Spiritual).

As Thursday came and for me to do the show, I was a little excited for my listeners to hear Black Roze, so when the two tracks came on, my listeners were saying that they liked the two tracks and they liked the vocal style of Vixen. So I was very pleased that they enjoyed the tracks that I chose for the weekly double shot segment.

When I came to do this review I sat down and listened to the Spiritual Hell album in full, when I chose the two songs I play on the show, I only briefly listened to it. So now, I have listened to it a couple of times now, and my initial thoughts were correct, actually the band has exceed my expectations, the reason is that when I came to the second listen through I could pick up some of the nuances of what the band were going for.

Track listing: Obscenity, Godz N Queenz, Why Don’t You, Soul On Fire, Snow White Angel, In The Darkness (Hell), Curse Of The Black Roze, So Sleazy, Lost and In The Darkness (Spiritual).

Obscenity is the first track off the album and it is really good song, as it sets the rest of the up really well, what really makes this a good song is the combination of several things, one is the heaviness of the guitars and drums, and there is some sweet little riffs dotted throughout the song, and the vocal style of Vixen, as she is very suited to the overall music style of the band, and she reminds me of Hazel O’Connor from the Breaking Glass fame.

Godz N Queenz is next, this is another good song from the band, and this song show the versatility of Vixen’s vocals, the guitars are really good on this song, as there is some really good riffs, and the drums are good as well. Why Don’t You is next, this song has a Punk vibe to it, with its fast paced guitars and vocals. Soul On Fire is next, this is a good song, as this is a slower than the previous track, as it is – to me – darker, with the vocals, guitars and drums, also this song has a Hazel O’Connor vibe, especially with Vixen’s vocals, and when about half way through the song the pacing of the track picks up and by the end, it ends in a crescendo.

Snow White Angel is up next, this song has an easy going vibe to it, and it also that 80’s vibe, as this song is a duet, and is very pleasing to hear and I could quite happily listen to it. In The Darkness (Hell) is next, the intro of the song, it has Arabic vibe to it, but then it kicks in with full on Goth Metal, especially with the guitars and drums, the vocals are superb as usual, and there is some brilliant guitar solos and excellent shredding, this is one of the songs that I played on the PMATP show, and I must admit, this has gone onto my personal playlist.

Curse Of The Black Roze is next, this song is pretty cool, as there is some good guitars and drums, the vocal are totally on point and are brilliant for the style of music that the band is going for, and there is some sweet riffs on here, that any fan of the riff would like. So Sleazy is next, when this song started it instantly transported me back to the 80’s and to the Rock music of the time, as this song has a Foreigner and Whitesnake vibe to it, and Vixen’s vocals are really good on this track.

Lost is next, this song is pretty cool, as this has another 80’s rock vibe, especially on the guitars, as they are reminiscent of Foreigner, with some of the riffs, and again Vixen’s vocals are on point on this song. The final track off the album is In The Darkness (Spiritual), this song was the second that I played on the PMATP show, and was well received by my listeners, this song has a haunting vibe to it, especially with the vocals and the guitars, and this has gone onto my personal playlist.

Well, what can I say about Black Roze, what an amazing band they are, I loved every song on the Spiritual Hell. At some point in the future, Spiritual Hell will be featured as the PMATP Album Of The Week, as it is a brilliant album. if you like Goth, Rock and Metal genres or you want to listen to a new band, then I would highly recommend that you go and check Black Roze out on their Facebook page, as you will not regret it.

I would give Black Roze and their Spiritual Hell a 5 out of 5, this is one of the best album I have heard this year.

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