Velvet, Waste Of Space, The Baltics and Robbie Pick: Independent Gig Review.

Even since I started Project Metal Music in July of 2015, I have always wanted to go to gigs to cover and review live music, so in February 2016 I got the chance to see Waste Of Space and PussyWillowFurryVenus at Fitzgerald’s in Sunderland, UK, and that gig was the first gig in Sunderland I had been to in 20 years, because I was either working and for 15 years, I was living in a different part of the UK. At that gig I was blown away by PWFV, but I was also blown by Waste Of Space, and at the time, I decided to follow bands, as they both bands caught my attention with their passion and dedication. When I did a review of that gig at Fitzgerald’s, I got talking to Waste Of Space via social media, and they invited me to come down to see a band called Dean James And The Black Dogs at the Independent, at the time I didn’t realize that the guitarist/singer of Waste of Space was one of main people of a record label called Forgotten City Records, which is based in Sunderland, and they released Dean James’ album Pure.

So, when I heard that they were doing a gig, supporting Velvet on November 15th 2019, I had to see Waste Of Space, as the last time I saw them was back at the end of 2016. I messaged Chris, I that was coming down to see them, and if they were up for doing an interview, he jumped at the chance. The interview will be aired on the Project Metal Across The Pond radio show on Thursday November 21st 2019 on Digital Revolution Radio, the show is on at 4pm to 7pm east coast time of the USA, for the UK that is 9pm to midnight.

On the night of the gig the bands that were on were Velvet, Waste Of Space, The Baltics and Robbie Pick, and I was looking forward, not only to seeing Waste Of Space again, but the rest of the line up, as I wanted to what they sounded like live.

Robbie Pick

Robbie was up first, and he was a solo act. now I haven’t seen or even heard of Robbie before, and I thought he was pretty decent, as he blend some original stuff with some covers. At about three quarters through his set, he had a problem with the guitar lead that goes from his guitar to his pedals, as he was half way through one of his original songs, he was had good grace, as he played down the technical hitch, as he laughed it off, whilst he quickly sorted out the problem. I will be following this guy, to see how he progresses with his music career, as he has peaked my interest with his performance at the Independent.

The Baltics

This youngish band was pretty good as they had a sense of fun on stage, as they took to the stage, there was a good crowd that were following them, as the band has only been in existence since August of 2019, as they went through their set, the singer had a good banter with the crowd, he got them to do a small Wall Of Death and a mosh pit, I am not disrespecting the band or the crowd for doing the mosh pits or the wall of death, I have been in full blown pits and walls of death and I have seen either, people stagger out or carried covered in blood. Overall I liked this band, and what made me like The Baltics was that one of the guitarists strings snapped – which happens to the most experienced bands out there – and he quickly changed it, and the rest of the band was having good laugh and banter with the crowd.

Waste Of Space

Waste Of Space was up next and this was the band that I came to see, as this was their last ever gig. Well what can I say, Wast Of Space were brilliant, and they were even better than the last time I saw them. As they went through their set, they did some of their older songs and did their new songs I Try So Hard and Kindness. As they did some of their older songs, it took me back to the time when I first saw them back in February of 2016, and I was loving it. When they played their new song I Try So Hard, it was better live, as the band put a lot of emotion into he live performance of it, I Try So Hard was the second they played, as the went on with their set they play more of their older songs and when they neared the end of their set, they played their other new song Kindness, like with I Try So Hard, it had the passion and soul to it, so when they finished Kindness they went into their last song of their set and the last song as Waste Of Space as a band, and I noticed that there was some emotion to the band, as they came to realize that this was an end to an era for them, and I was getting a bit emotional as well, because they were the first I saw, when I moved back to Sunderland. So that is it, Waste Of Space as we know it are no more and it is kinda hard to think I wont be able to see Chris, Tommy and Jack play as Waste Of Space. As I said in the intro of this review you can hear the full interview with WoS on the Project Metal Across The Pond show this coming Thursday (November 21st 2019) on Digital Revolution Radio.


Velvet was the headline act, they were there to support their single Brother, as this was the launch party. As the band came on stage and started their set, at first I that they were decent and they were. Musically they are talented and the guitarists were riffing away, and the drummer was entertaining and he was also the backing vocalist, plus the band was interacting with the crowd well. The singer was pretty good. As they went through their, I was starting to enjoy the songs that they played and the crowd seemed to as well. I will keep an eye on this band.

Well I had a brilliant time at the Independent, and it was good to see and catch up with Waste Of Space and to see some new bands. I will keep an eye on the new bands and see them again when they play Sunderland and surrounding area.

Project Metal Music

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