Edward De Rosa: Zeitgeist Album Review

Edward De Rosa is a guitarist and solo artist and is from Taranto, Italy. The album Zeitgeist is his first solo album. On the album he has some brilliant musicians, such as Giacomo Voli on vocals, Luca Basile on Keyboards and Francesco Paolo Caputo on Drums.

When I got the album through, I put it on like I normally do, just to get a vibe to what Edwardo has done with the album, and when I listened to it my initial thoughts were good.

Now, over the years, I have listened to a lot of music, from a lot of genres, some are really bad and some are really good, and I always come back to the Rock and Metal genres, as the musicians and bands are much better, as they write and perform much better music. When I listened to the Zeitgeist album by Edward De Rosa, my initial thoughts of the album were right, Zeitgeist is really good album and Edward is a brilliant guitarist, and he has written a brilliant album.

Track listings: Tempus Fugit, Legend the Omega Man, The Sleep Of Reason, Replicants, Ghost Of The Ruins, Burning Skies, Tywysoges, Rebellion, Fight For Life and Cybersteria.

The first track on the album is Tempus Fugit, this intro to the album is really good, as this has some brilliant Symphonic elements to it, that sets up the rest of the album brilliantly. Legend the Omega Man is up next, and what a song this is, it kicks off with some amazing guitars and they continue throughout the song, plus the vocals are really suit the style of music, as to me, it is bordering on Power Metal and Symphonic Metal, as there is some brilliant Symphonic accompaniments to the track and adds to the gravitas of the song. The Sleep Of Reason is next, this follows on from the previous track, as it has some brilliant vocals and music, as there is some amazing guitar solos and riffage throughout the track, plus the bass and rhythm guitar are really on point and really compliment the lead and the drums are good.

Replicants is up next and is an instrumental, this song really show cases the drums on this, as they have come to the fore and really drive the song along from start to finish, and the lead guitar has some some amazing riffs and solos, but they are not that over powering to drown out the drums. this song is brilliant pure and simple, and it is one hell of song to head bang to. Ghost Of The Ruins has an Arabic vibe to it from start to finish, this has some amazing guitar work on this and the rest of the music is good and heavy, and if you like the heavier side of Metal then this song is for you, the vocals on this is brilliant. Burning Skies is next, this song is more of a classical Heavy Metal track, especially on the guitars and vocals, as the guitars have some cool riffs throughout the song.

Tywysoges is next, this song starts out with what appears to be a harp solo and then the acoustic guitars kicks in and this is a cool acoustic track on the first part of the song, there is some cool pipes and drums that accompanying the song and when the full electric guitars come in it all blends brilliantly, into something amazingly haunting and beautiful. Rebellion is next, well this song is completely different to the previous track, as it has that heavy Symphonic vibe to it, with its heavy drums and guitars that drive the song along perfectly, and the vocals are brilliant on this track as they work really well with  the music.

Fight For Life is up next, this is another cool track, as it has that something that makes you want to tap your foot and nod your head, whilst driving along the highway, the guitars are superb, the drums are perfect… well this whole song is perfect. Cybersteria is the last track off the album, at first when I heard the vocal intro, I was thinking, I’m not to sure about it, but after a couple of more listens to it, I was OK I get it now, as the song kicks in, the music and vocals work really well, as the drums are spot on and the guitars are brilliant as ever, as there is some cool riffs, shreds and solos on the song.

Well, all the songs that are on this album are brilliant, some of the songs like Replicants, Ghost Of The Ruins and Fight For Life have gone onto my personal playlist, as I have found that I totally loved them, as they spoke to me on a level, that I need to hear them more. So, as I finished listening to the album, I was blown away how good Edward De Rosa is and how good a musician he is, and I would highly recommend that you go and check him out o his Facebook page, as you will not be disappointed.

I would give Edward De Rosa and the  Zeitgeist album a 5 out of 5, for a brilliant headbanging album.

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P.S. I will be playing this album in the near future on Project Metal Across The Pond radio show as The Album Of The Week. You can catch the show every Thursday on Digital Revolution Radio from 4pm (EST USA)

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