Hence: Hence EP Review

Hence is an Indie Rock / Alternative Rock band from Reggio nell’Emilia, Italy, The band consists of Edoardo Vandelli: Keyboards, Synth, Lead Vocals, Filippo Bonacini : Guitar, Backing Vocals, Matteo Iotti : Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals and Francesco Giro : Drums, Pads.

Over the last few years, when I came across bands that hail from Italy, I have said that, Italy has been producing brilliant bands, and Hence is one of those bands. When I received the Hence EP through, I usually put the music on when I normally get it, just to see what the band has to offer and to get my initial thoughts of that offering. My initial thoughts were pretty good.

Track listing: From a Star to Another One, I’ve been Looking Inside of Me, Letters From the End of the World, Castaway and Untitled.

Up first on this five track EP is From a Star to Another One, this song is pretty cool, as this has that chill out effect, what I mean by that is, is that if you have had a bad or busy day, you could put this on and ad have a beer and just relax, everything on this song is good, from the vocals to the drums and the guitars, and this could be one of my favourites off the EP. I’ve been Looking Inside of Me is next, like the first song, this has a similar vibe to it, with the subject matter that this song has, they are singing about taking a look at oneself and trying to work and find what makes you, you, and telling someone that they are sorry for they are and to improve themselves, with the music it really compliments the subject matter.

Letters From the End of the World is next, this is another cool chill out track, his also has a similar vibe to the previous tracks, what I like about this song, is the piano to the repertoire, as the piano gives a bit more substance to the overall sound of the track. Castaway is next, with this song, in my mind, it has that blues and jazz vibe to it, especially on the drums, but it still has the Alternative Rock element, and the vocals are really on point on this song, plus the band in about half way through the song introduce some synths, which changes up the song, and it sounds brilliant, they combine several genres, which is a good way to showcase they talents. Up next is the last song off the EP, the song is Untitled, now I don’t if this is the song title or they haven’t named it yet, The song itself is really good, as starts out where the last song finished with some cool guitars, and it also has that soaring vibe to it, which starts from the first note to the last.

Well, Hence is a really good band that everyone should check, as this band has created a really good EP. So if you like the Alternative and Indie Rock or wanting to hear music from a new band, then I would recommend Hence to you, and you should go and check them out on their Facebook page.

I would give Hence and their Hence EP a 4.5 out of 5 for a brilliantly written and performed EP

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