Run Chicken Run: Don’t Forget The Wine Album Review

Run Chicken Run are a Hard Rock band from Italy. The consists of Michele Montesi – guitar/vox, Paolo Scarabotti – bass, Leonardo Piccioni – guitar and Simone Medori – drums.

Ever since I started doing reviews back in 2015, year on year I have increasingly come across more brilliantly talented bands from around the world, even from countries where you don’t expect Rock and Metal to come from. Now, in the last four years, I have noticed that Italy has been producing some amazing bands as of late, and Run Chicken Run is one of those bands. As I put Don’t Forget The Wine album, I was thinking, OK, what have you got? and from what I hear on this is album is pretty good.

Track listing: Rust From Space, Your Girl, Louder On You, Sun, My Heart Is A Stone, Black Shadow, Good Brewer, Boredom Killers, Real Man and Blackout Out.

The first track is Rust From Space, this is a pretty good lead song on album, as the guitars are cool, as they have that slightly distorted vibe to them and there is some cool riffs throughout. Your Girl is next. on this song the vocals are good and have a gruff edge to them, the guitars and drums are sweet, as they compliment the vocals really well, to me, this has an early AC/DC to it. Louder On You is up next, this song follows on from Your Girl with the AC/DC vibe, as the guitars have that It’s A Long Way To The Top vibe to them, which I like, the vocals are on point on this song, plus there is some cool guitar solos and riffs throughout the song.

Sun is next, this is a cool track as it has that slower vibe to it, but it still rocks, on this song they have some cool drums and guitars. My Heart Is A Stone is next, this is another good track, as it has some sweet riffs and guitar solos, and I am starting to like the vocalist, as his vocal style suits the band and genre really well. Black Shadow is up next, this is song is slightly more heavier than the previous tracks, and with previous tracks it is ladened with riff and guitar solos and the vocals work brilliant on this offering. Good Brewer is next, this is another good song as it has good musicianship and good vocals, and well worth a listen.

Up next is Boredom Killers, this another track that has heavier sound to it, thanks to the drums that drives the song from start to finish, and that driving force of the drums is complimented, very well, by the vocals and guitars. Next is Real Man, this has some cool guitars from the start, to me this could be a driving song, where you could put this on and cruise down the highway on a sunny day, as this song has some cool guitars, drums and vocals. Blackout Out is the last track on the album, when I first heard this, I thought my laptop’s speakers where broken, as the intro was really quiet, but that wasn’t the case as the intro was design to be like that, after the intro the main part of the song kicked in and kicks ass, with some good guitar solos and riffs, and the vocals and drums are really good, as the whole band work really well together on this track.

Well what can I say, Run Chicken Run are a damn good band, as they know how to rock. Over the course of the album, and this is a good thing, I noticed a theme on it, that there is a AD/DC vibe going, as I mentioned previously, as I love AC/DC. Anyways, if you love the Hard Rock genre or wanting a new band band to listen to, I would recommend that you go and check Run Chicken Run out on their Facebook page as you will not me disappointed.

I would give Run Chicken Run and their Don’t Forget The Wine album a 4.5 out of 5 for a damn good rocking album.

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