Sinaya: Maze Of Madness Album Review

Sinaya is a Death Metal band from Sao Paulo, Brazil, The band consists of Mylena Monaco – Vocals/Guitar, Bruno Kozseran – Guitar, Bruna Melo – Bass and Janaína Melo – Drums.

In the forty and some years that I have been listening to the Rock and Metal genres, I come to like a vast majority of the genres and sub-genres, and in the last twenty plus years I have been listening to the Death Metal genre, now, don’t get me wrong, I do like the genre as a whole, and I am a fan of it, but not a huge fan. When Sinaya sent me the Maze Of Madness album through, at the beginning of the year, so I put it on, as I normally do, just to see what the band has to offer, and from that initial play through, I was thinking, OK this is interesting, this is not your stereotypical Black Metal band. At that time I didn’t know that the band has three women and one man in the line up, not until I did a little research on them for this review.

When I did that research, I found out that the hail from Sao Paulo, Brazil, now in recent years, I have been keeping my eye on what is coming out of Brazil, as the country have produced some really good bands, and Sinaya are one of them.

Track listing: Abyss To Death, Always Pain, Bath Of Memories, Buried By Terror, Crowd In Panic, Deep In the Grave, Infernal Sight and Life Against Fate.

Up first is Abyss To Death, I quite like this track, as it is a good opener for the album, as it got my interest for the band, as it has some really good guitar and drums on the song. Always Pain is next, this song is like the Abyss To Death with its guitars and drums, a they are good, and when I put the I wasn’t too sure on the vocals, but by this song I got used to them and I appreciated them, as they fit well with where the band has went with the album and genre.

Bath Of Memories is next, I like this song as it has a cool intro, with some really good guitars and drums, and they continue throughout the song, the vocals on this here are on point. Up next is Buried In Terror, this song is pretty cool as it has some good drum work on this, as they drive the song along perfectly, and the rest of the band picked up on the drums and delivered some really good music, and what I mean is the guitars are really good and there is a sweet guitar solo.

Crowd In Panic is next, at first I wasn’t sure about this track, because of the harshness of the vocals mainly, but after a couple of listens to it, I got past that, as the music had that distorted vibe to it and the vocals fitted really well with the music. Deep In The Grave is next, this song has a cleaner, less distorted vibe to the music, and it still has the heavy vibe, common with the Death Metal genre, there is some cool drumming and guitars on here, especially from the middle of the song, as the drummer and guitarist, in my mind, had a bit of a jamming session, before hand and it made it onto the song. Infernal Sight is next, to me, the intro to the song has a faster pace vibe to it, and it continues throughout the song, the guitar work on this track is pretty good. Up next is Life Against Fate and is the last song off the album, this is a really good song and it has some really good music, and it is a shows that the band are talented writers and musicians.

Well, what can I say, Sinaya is a really good band, at first there was a few little points for me, that I wasn’t too sure about, when I first put the Maze Of Madness album, like the harshness of the vocals on some of the songs, but after I listened to it a good few times, I came to appreciate the vocals. If you are into the Death Metal genre or wanting to listen to a new band, then I would recommend that you go and check out Sinaya on their Facebook page, as they are good.

I would give Sinaya and their Maze Of Madness album a 4 out of 5 for a good solid album.

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