Purple Kong: Purple Kong EP II Review

Purple Kong are a Hard Rock, Metal, Doom Metal band from London, UK. The band consists of Dr Tompson – Gits/Vox, Allan(Lil Enos)Skjonsberg -Bass/Rumble and Rik Smash – Sticks/Thunder.

Over the years, I have have come across some really good bands, that are Metal bands and that are leaning towards the Doom Metal side of the Metal genre. When I came across Purple Kong at the beginning of the the year, I was thinking, OK, the EP that you sent me has that Doom Metal going on, which is pretty cool!! So when I sat down to write a review for the Purple Kong EP II, I put the EP on again, to familiarize myself again with the band, and after I thought back to when I first put on this EP on, I was like, Yep this has a Doom Metal vibe.

Track listings: Crowned In Ouija, Mount Kong and Cosmic Nightmare.

Up first is Crowned In Ouija, when I first heard this track and the subsequent listens, I thought that this song has the hallmarks of a classic Doom Metal track as it have that de-tune rumbling bass line and melodic drums, and when it comes to the vocals they have a Ozzy Osbourne hint to them, there is some really cool riffs from guitars on this track that people will enjoy.

Mount Kong is next, this song has a similar rumbling thunder bass line to Crowned In Ouija, which takes me back to the early seventies, when the first bands that started to do Doom Metal (at the time it wasn’t called Doom Metal, it was Hard Rock), one of these bands that springs to mind is Black Sabbath, as they had some dark foreboding songs on some of their albums, and Purple Kong have recreated that song and put a modern spin with Mount Kong.

Next is Cosmic Nightmare, and is the last track off the EP, and this song carries on from Mount Kong with its dark foreboding undertones, especially with the subject matter that the song is about, it is about, obviously about a Nightmare on a cosmic scale, the music reflects that, with its heaviness and the distorted guitars and bass.

Well, Purple Kong has made a new fan here at PMM HQ. So if you love the Hard Rock, Metal and Doom Metal genres then you will love Purple Kong, or if you wanting to listen to a new band, then I highly recommend that you go and check out the band on their Facebook page.

I would give Purple Kong and their Purple Kong EP II a 4.5 out of 5 for a brilliant EP.

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