Oh.: Metallia EP Review

Oh. is a Rock, Metal, Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock solo project from Athens Greece. Oh. consists of Oh. (aka Olivia Hadjiioannou).

Over the last twenty years or so, I have been, sort of been following the Greece Rock and Metal scene, but more so in the last ten years, as there was an all female Black Metal that came from Greece and that was Astarte, ever since then, I have been sort of following what has been coming out of Greece within the Rock and Metal genres.

When I got the Metallia album through, I put it on, just to see what the album was like, and my initial thoughts were that the album was pretty decent and that was a a couple of months back, so when I put the album again to do this review and I thought back to when initially put the album on and those thoughts of the album still hold up, and they slightly improved, as I have come to appreciate the overall sound of what Oh. has gone for.

Tracklistings, Red Lion, Bee, Androgyny, Resurrection, Dragon’s Kiss and Triumph.

The first song on the EP is Red Lion, this song is an interesting track, as it sort of combines Metal and Jazz together, the Jazz element of the track is not overly in your face, it actually compliments the overall sound, the song is primarily an instrumental, with some choral elements to it. Bee is up next, I found this track interesting as at the beginning of the song Olivia plays some Spanish style guitar for the intro, and this continues to a degree on the electric guitar, as you can guess the track is about bees and it is reflected on the guitars, as they are simulating the sound of what the bees make.

Androgyny is next, this song starts out with some choral singing, and it continues throughout the song, to the backing of some really good musicianship from Olivia. Resurrection is next, I really like this track as this has that heavier vibe to it, and also it has that extra element of orchestral arrangement in the background to add a bit more gravitas to the song.

Dragon’s Kiss is next, at first I was sure of this track, because of the intro, but after a couple more listens to it, I came to appreciate the overall sound of what Olivia was going for, really start like the song because of the choral singing element that runs throughout the song, I also liked the drums and guitars on this as they were brilliant done and arranged. Triumph is next, this is a really good outro track, as it shows what Olivia can do.

Well, overall, what can I say about Oh. Olivia is a brilliant musician, and they way she blends Rock and Metal with with other genres of music, such as Jazz, Blues, Orchestral and Choral. What I really like about the Metallia EP, is the overall Arabic influence on it, as it gives the EP a richness to it.

So, if you like Rock, Metal, Progressive Metal and Progressive Rock genres, then I would highly recommend that you go and check Oh. out on her Facebook page, as you will not be disappointed.

I would give Oh. and the Metallia EP a very respectable 4.5 out of 5 for a really good EP

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