Nookie: Exceptions Album Review

Nookie is a Rock band from Moscow, Russia. The band consists Andrey Ostrav, Alexander Karpukhin, Sergey Bogolyubskiy and Daria Stavrovich.

Over the years, I haven’t really been hearing much rock or metal from Russia, but in the last 5 years or so, I have been hearing quite a few really good bands from Russia, and from what I have been hearing, its been pretty good. One of those bands that are from Russia is Nookie, from what I understand, Nookie is a solo project of Daria “Nookie” Stavrovich.

As I was listening to the Exception’s album for the first time a couple of months ago, my initial thoughts at the time, were pretty good, and at the time, I thought they had a Paramore vibe to them on certain tracks, and when I sat down again to listen to the album again I still think that they have a Paramore vibe. When I did a little research on Nookie, they said that one of their influences is Bjork, and when listened to the album in full, I could hear the Bjork influence on some of the tracks.

Tracklisting: Au, Before I Die, Isklyucheniya, Vverkh, Znaki, Myprostoest, In-Yan, Vremennaya, Samim Soboy, Prodolzhaem Dvizhenie, Tantsuy, Kloun, Tantsuy, Yadovitaya and Kosmos.

Au is up first, this song is one of my favourites off the album as it has an energy, that I can’t really put my finger on, as it gets into my being and speaks to me, part of it I think is of Daria vocals on the track, and coupled with the music of the band, in places its melodic and in places its faster and a bit more heavier. Before I Die is next, this track starts off with a cool riff intro, and the riffs continue throughout that song, on this song, this is where I think there is a similar vibe to Paramore, especially with the timing and vocals of Daria and I like this song. Isklyucheniya is next, with this song, I wasn’t sure about it at first, but after a couple of listens, I came to appreciate it, from a music stand point, as it has some cool guitars and the vocals from Daria are good.

Up next is Vverkh, this is pretty good, as it has a cool drum line, that drives the song along. also it has some good guitars and the vocals are on point. Znaki is next, this song starts of slow with a sort of a ballad vibe to it, and that vibe continues throughout the song, and on the song there is some cool guitars and the drums are brilliant. Myprostoest is up next, on this the guitars are good and has a cool bass and drum lines, and the vocals are good and aggressive and fits the music really well. In-Yan is next, this song has cool vibe to it, especially with the introduction of the synths, there is a cool bass and drum line near the end of the song and also a cool riff to close out the song.

Vremennaya is next, this song has a soaring vibe to it, as Daria shows her vocal prowess on the track, with some really strong vocals, the music really compliments Daria, as they match her and the vocals that she went for on this track. Samim Soboy is next, with this track, to me, it has a slight Punk vibe to it, especially on the guitars and to a degree, Daria’s vocals, plus this has a Paramore and Bjork vibe to it as well. Prodolzhaem Dvizhenie is next, now when I first heard this track, I thought it had a Thrash vibe to it, and as I listened to it again, it has a Thrash tone to it, but has a more heavier overtone to it, and this song reminds me a little, especially on the vocals of Alexis Brown from the band Straight Line Stitch.

Tantsuy, Kloun, Tantsuy is next, on this track there are several different styles hat the band utilizes, which the band perform really well and the vocals that Daria performs are on point. Yadovitaya is up next, with the synths on this track more prevalent at the beginning, the band make good use of them throughout the song, the guitars and drums are really good and Daria is really good on this, as she has a really strong vocal and vocal range. Kosmos is the last track off the album, as the name suggests, this has a spacey vibe to the song, and it a really good closing track.

Well, I really liked this Exceptions album from Nookie, as it had elements that surprised me, it had stuff that got me rocking out, and it had stuff that had me chilling out, so Kudos to Nookie. If you like the Rock genre or looking for a new band to get into I would recommend that you go and check Nookie out on their Facebook page, as you wont be disappointed.

I would give Nookie and their Exceptions album a 4.5 out of 5 for a damn good album

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