Neutral Bombs: Pretend To Fly Album Review

Neutral Bombs are a Punk Rock band from Lugano, Switzerland. the band consists of Rudy Dexter Pulino, Mick Sedili, Matte Soldati and Gab Ferrantini.

When I started to listen to Neutral Bombs, I thought that they were a Punk Rock band, and when I say that, I was about 90% sure of it because of the vocal and guitar styles, so when I did a bit of research on the band, they turn out to be a Punk Rock band. Now I do like a good Punk Rock band as I grew up in the Seventies, when Punk was at its height.

So, when I listened to the Pretend To Fly album several times, my initial thoughts were mixture of they are cool on some tracks and they could be better. But after a few more listens, I got into them and became of fan of the band. The reason is that, they remind me of time in the Seventies, when I got into the Punk genre, as they have that original ethos of that time, but with a modern twist.

Tracklisting: Still Shout, No Attitude, Alive And Well, Dancing In The Moonlight, Never, Exit, Raise Your Glass (Not Your Phone), Fights, Pride, Ship Of Fools and Wait Too Long.

Still Shout is up first, this song is a really good opening track and sets up the album really well, as it has a cool opening riff, the drums, when they kick in, compliment the riff really good, and they continue throughout the song to be good, all the instruments work well together and the vocals are on point, as they fit the Punk genre brilliantly and this is one of my favourite tracks off the album. Up next is No Attitude, on this track the drums are really good, as they have that aggressive style that the original Punk bands had back in the day. Alive And Well, is the third song, this song has a more polished sound to it, but it still holds that aggressive vibe to it. Dancing In The Moonlight is next, at first I wasn’t to sure about this song because of the vocals, but as I listened to it a couple of times I came to like it, as the vocals grew on me, and they fit the genre of the band really well.

Never is next, and this is a another good song, as it has that slow melodic vibe to it, and has some cool riffs on parts of the song. and at this point I started to really the vocals. Exit is next this is a more of a fast paced song than Never, and is reminiscent of the Seventies Punk. Raise Your Glass (Not Your Phone) is the next track, and this is another favourite song, as it encapsulates the total aggression of the Punk genre, and yes, granted, the song is just under a minute long, but it is still a damn good song. Fights is next and it follows on, in the style of the previous song, everything on this track is good, from the drumming, to the guitars and to vocals, I would recommend that you check this song out.

Pride is the next track and it is another good track, with its riffs, drumming and strong vocals. Ship Of Fools is next, when I first heard this song I thought it had a pirate vibe to the song, because of the subject matter of the song and the style of the music, and when I listened to it a couple of more times, I sort of stuck with that initial assessment, and it is a good song, as it will get you up and get your blood pumping so to speak. Wait Too Long is the last track off the album, this is a good track, with its vocals and melodies reminiscent of the Seventies Punk.

Well, what can I say about Neutral Bombs, this band is really good and I enjoyed listening to the Pretend To Fly album immensely, as sparked my interest in the Punk genre again. So, if you are into the Punk Rock genre or you wanting to discover something new, then look no further than Neutral Bombs, as they are really good, and I highly recommend that you go and check them out on their Facebook page.

I would give Neutral Bombs and their Pretend To Fly album a solid 4.5 out of 5 for a brilliant album that you can rock out to

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