Wildroads: No Routine Lovers Album Review

No Routine Lovers by Wildroads.

If classic rock was sold in a tin and you wanted to taste it for the first time, then Wildroads is the band for you.. Featured as The Album Of The Week on last night’s show ‘Project Metal – Across The Pond’ and for good reason.

The album No Routine Lovers shows they truly are ‘classic’ in the genre of rock! They do and are exactly what it says on that metaphorical Rock Metal tin. From the production finish, lyrics, song titles and band name you know exactly what your going to hear. 

From the opening track Bad Girls Got The Fire, you’re hit with harmonic rock riff that could easily be a belter, guitar solo. Effortless.. Even the vocals hit all the notes in that rocktastic nostalgic way and just to mix it up a bit, they put in that one acoustic track to warm the cold rock heart. The Night Belongs To The Wild is full of fills, ringing hi-hats and fades out on a bluesy American style harmonica. 

The best track for me on this album is Way To God, I like it as it’s slightly different to the rest with a heavier undertone and a darker metal approach. This good feel band are perfect for the long journeys home and if i do say myself, a good album just to storm about to for no good reason.

So go on then, have a listen.

By Steph Mac Reeves

Of Holy Braille, PussyWillowFurryVenus and BunnYPunk

If you want to find out more about Wildroads, go to their Facebook page for more information on the band.

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