Madre Sun: Two Song Review

Madre Sun are a Rock band  based out of London, UK, The band consists of Eduardo Cavina – Vocals/Bass, Tyson Schenker – Guitar, Flipi Stipp – Drums and Matt Cavina – Backing Vocals/Guitar.

Over the last three and half year, I have been following the careers of Eduardo and Matt Cavina and in that time I have become good friends with both, but more so with Matt. When Matt contacted me, via Facebook, about a new project that himself and Eduardo are in, I was thinking, Oh cool, so when Matt, said that there is two brand new tracks, I immediately went to listen to them on Soundcloud, and what I heard is nothing short of pure brilliance. Now this is the first time in hearing anything from Tyson and Flipi, and from what I have heard, I am really liking what they have done here with Madre Sun.

The two tracks that Madre Sun have done are Black River and Trick Up The Sleeve, The first that I heard is Black River, this song takes me somewhat back to the Eighties with its overall sound of it, I love the guitars on this song, played by Matt and Tyson, as they are a good pace and drive the song along, which makes you want to get up and dance, and the drums by Flipi are the same as the guitars, both work really well together, the vocals by Eduardo are on point and compliment the music.

The second song is Trick Up The Sleeve, now when I first listened to this song, I was thinking, this has a Maiden influence to it at the beginning, and it continues somewhat throughout the song, like with Black River, the guitars by Matt and Tyson and drums by Flipi on this song are brilliant and the guitars are a bit more grittier, the vocals are slightly more raspier, and overall I love both songs.

So, what can I say about Madre Sun, but Damn, these two songs were good!! If you are looking for something new and exciting or you are a fan the Cavina brothers, then look no further than Madre Sun, I know I will be looking forward to more material from the band. You can find Madre Sun on their Facebook page.

I would give Madre Sun and the two songs that I listened to a 5 out of 5 for getting me to dance.

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