Mule Skinner: Airstrike Album Review

Mule Skinner are a Grindcore band from Nola, New Orleans, USA. The band consists of Ryan Ashmore – Vocals, Michael H. – Guitar, Tony Salisbury – Bass and Todd Capiton -Drums.

Over the years I have listened to a lot of bands that are in the Grindcore genre, now some bands who are in the Grindcore genre, I can take or leave, but Mule Skinner is not one of them, as they are not overly in your face. As I listened to their album Airstrike a good few times, at first I wasn’t a fan, but listening to the album I have become somewhat of a fan of theirs, as I liked the way that they have play the songs that they have wrote, overall on the album the vocals are harsh, but unlike other bands that are in same genre, they are not overly harsh, and fit really well with the intensity of the music. The only downside for me anyways, is the drumming on certain parts, on certain songs, to me, they overpower and drown out the other instruments, other than that the music is good.

The songs that stood out for me are: Airstrike, Bone & Debris Chocking Agent, Sovereignty, Firing Squad, Faith In Blood, Backbone, and Fuse.

With Bone & Debris there is a blend of slower and heavier, dare I say, Doom style, with the fast paced of Speed Metal, which I like. Chocking Agent is of the similar vibe as Bone & Debris which is cool. I like the guitars on Sovereignty, as they get drill into your head and they get you moving and start a one man mosh pit. Backbone I liked the guitars on this song, and the drums compliment them, with the intensity of both. With Fuse, the guitars are pretty cool.

Overall, I liked the way band have created played the songs, like I said before, I wasn’t a big fan of the drums on certain song, as they drowned out the other instrument, but on the grand scheme of things they were pretty tight. If you are into the Grindcore genre, I recommend that you should check out Mule Skinner on their Facebook page, as they are pretty good.

I would give Mule Skinner and their album Airstrike a solid 4 out of 5 for a good brutal assault on the senses

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