Black Steam: Black Steam EP

Black Steam is a heavy metal band from Linköping, Sweden. The band consists of Stefan Borg – Vocals, Wilhelm Glanz – Guitar, Jan Högström – Guitar, Hans Liljebladh – Bass and Oscar Rask – Drums.

When I was checking Facebook, I received a message from Stefan the vocalist of Black Steam, he asked if I was up for doing a review for the band’s new EP and sent me link to it, so I said yeah I will check it out, and when I did, and I played the four tracks of the EP, and my first initial impressions of the songs were pretty good.

As I listened to the tracks, a couple more times, I have come to be a fan of Black Steam, as they have written some really cool songs. The first track off the EP is Pain, what I really like about this track is the guitar intro as it is really good and heavy and the guitars continues throughout the out the song, and the vocals by Stefan are properly good and add something to the song.

The next song is To Your Grave, this is a very atmospheric track especially in the intro, which sets up the rest of the song, as I listened to the song more closely, the song is darker than the rest of the EP, but it’s really good, the guitars are on point, and the drumming are the same, and Stefan’s vocals are brilliant. this track is a must listen to song.

Soul Reaper is up next, this song is a bit more up tempo than the rest of the EP, and I like this because of that, plus the combination of all of the band on this song makes it a really good headbanging tune, as I did find myself wanting to start a one man mosh pit.

Motherland is the final track off the EP, on this I have found – to me anyways – there is a slight hint of Maiden in certain parts of the song, which is a good thing, and I really enjoyed it.

Overall, the Black Steam EP is really good and I would highly recommend that you go and check out Black Steam on their Facebook page and website, as this band are really good.

I would give Black Steam and their self titled EP a very solid a 4.5 out of 5 for a brilliant EP

I will be playing the EP in full on August 29th on the Project Metal Across The Pond radio show only on Digital Revolution Radio, Where You Can Hear It Loud And Clear.

Project Metal Music


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