Antonello Giliberto: The Strategy Of Chaos Album Review

Antonello Giliberto – Guitar and keyboards, Dino Fiorenza – Bass, Salvo Grasso – Drums and Gabriels – Keyboards solos on “Threat And Redemption”, “Wrath Of The Northmen”, piano on “The Depths Of My Soul”,  from Siracusa, Italy. When I received a message on Facebook from Antonello asking if I was interested in to a review for The Strategy Of Chaos album, I was OK, I am up for it. As I got the album through, I put it on immediately, just to see what it sounded like, and from my initial impressions of it, it sounds pretty good.

Over the course of the last couple of days, since I had the album, I have been listening to it, on and off, just to get a better feel for it and my first impression where correct, that what Antonello has created here is really good, as it has that Symphonic heaviness that enjoy, as it has strings section that compliments the Metal.

On some of the tracks like Before The Battle, it has some choral vocals in the background, couple that with the thunderous Metal music and the orchestral elements, this may be one of my favourite tracks off the album. Some of the tracks are a little slower than rest of them, but they are still good. When I listened to Artemisia’s Revenge again, I first thought it really good, but when I sat down and listened to it again, I thought OK, this is… Damn this REALLY good, in my mind what makes it good, is the brilliant guitars and riffs, the choral accompaniment and the orchestral arrangement, which is subtle and enhances the music really well. The Depths Of My Soul, is a cool track, as it started off slow, but when the heavy guitars and drums kick in, I was like whoa, this is good, I like this.

Wrath Of The North is another brilliant track off the album, as it has the choral arrangement which accompanies the fast paced metal of the guitars and the symphonic elements, and this has to be another track that is one of my favourites. As I went through the album I came to Iron Shadows In The Moon, and I found that when I was listening to the track my teeth were rattling with the heaviness to the intro, and it continued, as the guitars drums etc, are heavy as hell, which I love, also this is another track that is my favourite. Forgotten Mists is of a less intense nature, as in my mind, it could be more of a ballad, without vocals, but all the same, it is still good.

Well back to the heaviness with the track Secrets From The Past on this track, like with some of the previous offerings, it has that soaring vibe, especially with the choir on it. Alone In The Empty Space is a good track, as it is a slower track, with a primarily acoustic arrangement. We come to the last track of the album which is a bonus track the song is Odissea Veneziana, and this song is pretty good, as in a way it has a slight Paganini’s Caprice no 24 vibe to it.

As I went through the whole The Strategy Of Chaos a couple of times and I have found that I totally loved each song. Now if you are into the Metal and Symphonic Metal genres you will like Antonello Giliberto, ashe has created something really good here on this album, so I would highly recommend that you go and check him out on his Facebook page.

I would give Antonello Giliberto and his The Strategy Of Chaos Album a 4.5 out of 5 for a brilliant album.

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