Voight Kampff: Substance Rêve Album Review

Voight Kampff are a Techno Thrash / Death Metal band from Brittany, France. The band consists of Ramon – Vocals,
Gaël – Guitar, Clément – Guitar, Z – Bass and Pyromancer – Drums.

When I got Voight Kampff’s Substance Reve album through, I put it on just to hear what they sounded like and to get my initial thoughts of the band and album and from what I initially heard, I thought that they were pretty decent. As I sat down to do a review for the album, I put the album on, to fully listen to it, as I listened to the album, I did a little bit of research on the band, just to see who is in the band, where they come from and what genre of Metal they are, when I looked at the genre they are, I was thinking, OK, Techno Thrash, that’s a new one on me. Last year there was a couple of people asked me, How many genres of Rock and Metal? I replied there are at least four hundred that I know of, and I am coming across new genres every week. So, with that being said, and after I have found that the band is a Techno Thrash band, I could hear the Thrash, which I already knew from my initial listening, with the Techno part, I can hear some Technical parts in some of the songs, especially on the solos and riffs.

The songs off the Substance Reve album that I found that I liked or found interesting are: Substance Rêve, Robotic Warfare, Genetic Genesis, Form Destroyer, Return To Genesis, Rebellion, Memories, Shoulder Of Orion, Fires Of Orc and La Dernière Rencontre.

Substance Rêve is the title and open track of the album, it started off on the slower side, but kick in with some cool Old School Thrash sounding guitars, this track is a really good opening track. Robotic Warfare follows on from the previous track with cool guitars, and there is some cool little riffs throughout track. Genetic Genesis is a cool track, as it leans more towards the Death Metal side of thing, especially with the drums, the guitars are on the more epic side, as they swoop through the scales and add to the drums, the vocals are on point, as they add to the music of song. Form Destroyer leans more towards the Thrash Metal side with the guitars, but it still has growl of the vocals, which are pretty good. Return To Genesis is the shortest track off the album coming just under two minutes, and it is cool little filler track with some cool guitars and drums.

Rebellion is the longest track off the album coming in just under 10 minutes, this is a good track as it starts off with a spacey, atmospheric intro, then the guitars and drums kick in and they continue the intro, there are some really cool riffs that I liked and they several of them which go throughout the song, the vocals are really on point and they add some gravitas to the track. Memories has some sweet shredding and riffs, the drumming on this is really cool, and the vocals are good. Shoulder Of Orion is another short track, and it is another cool little track, with some sweet atmospheric guitars and drums. Fires Of Orc starts of with some strong drums and guitars, and they continue through the song, this song, is one of those songs, where you will not be able to sit still, as it will get your foot tapping and head nodding, with the energy that the  song has. La Dernière Rencontre is a cool outro track, as it has good guitar, drum and vocal work and they work well together, to create something really cool.

Well, I have listened to the Substance Reve album several times, and it is really good. So if you are into the Thrash and Death Metal genres or if you want to listen to something or different, then I would recommend that you go and check Voight Kampff out on their Facebook page.

I would give Voight Kampff and their Substance Reve album a solid 4.5 out of 5

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