Rosslyn: Soul In Sanctuary Album Review

Rosslyn are a Heavy Metal band from Zaragoza, Spain. The band consists of Borja Callejas – Vocals, Jorge Martínez – Guitar (Lead), Tomás Menéndez – Guitar, Mikel Insausti – Drums and Josë Luís Lorente – Bass.

When I growing up in the late seventies and early eighties, that was the time I got into Rock and Metal. From then to the present day, I have been listening to a lot of it from different countries. It wasn’t up until in recent years, that I have started to hear a good few bands from Spain. And from what I have heard of the those bands, Spain have produced some really good bands.

So, when I got through Rosslyn’s Soul In Sanctuary album, I put it on for the first time, just to get an initial idea of what the band sounds like and to find what the band was going for, so, my thoughts were pretty decent, but one thought crossed my mind was, that I wasn’t keen on the vocals. But that being said, I gave the vocalist a chance to grow on me. After a few more listens of the album, they did start to grow on me.

Over the course of the album, the songs that I have found I liked or I have found interesting are: Legacy Of The Battler, The Chapel, Day Of Eternal Faith, The Pilgrim’s Progress, The North Remembers (A Red Wedding), Path Of The Saint, Weirdmageddon and The Insect God.

Legacy Of The Battler starts off with some cool acoustic guitar, and then the electric guitar kicks in, this song is a good opener for the Soul In Sanctuary album. The Chapel is a cool song, as it has the up beat vibe to it and it will get your foot tapping. Day Of Eternal Faith has a heavier vibe to this song, to the two previous tracks, especially on the guitars and on the vocals. The Pilgrim’s Progress is another track that starts off with the acoustic guitar, and then the electric guitar kicks in, the electric guitar has a more heavier edge to it, as it seems to be slightly de-tuned for the song, there is some cool riffs on the track.

The North Remembers (A Red Wedding) has a good guitar intro, as it is a cool riff, throughout the song, the music is pretty good, on this track I wasn’t sure of the vocals, but after a few listens, they started to grow on me, as I coupled the vocals and music together. Path Of The Saint has good Metal vibe on the intro and it carries on throughout the song. Weirdmageddon is another good Heavy Metal track, from the start of the song to the finish, it is ladened with cool riffs. The Insect God is another track that starts of with some good acoustic guitar, and then kicks in with the electric guitar, over the course of the song, the band has put in some cool little riffs, and at the end the acoustic guitar comes back in to close out the song.

At first, I wasn’t particularly struck by the vocals, but over the course of the album they did grow on me. Soul In Sanctuary is a good album, and is well worth a listen to it. So, if you are into  the Heavy Metal genre or wanting to check out something new, then I would recommend that you go and check Rosslyn out on their Facebook page.

I would give Rosslyn and their Soul In Sanctuary album a solid 4 out of 5

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